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Gazelle Member and Minister of Health and HIV / AIDS Jelta Wong praised the pioneering Gazelle Primary School for playing a pivotal role in producing elites and leaders since its inception in 1971.

Minister Wong said the Golden Jubilee was an opportune time to reflect on the contributions made by these key people who have been instrumental in development and growth.

These improvements influenced the residents of Vunadavai and the surrounding neighborhoods of Livuan Reimber LLG and the Gazelle district as a whole.

“I recognize the role the school played in educating students and contributing to the development of PNG before independence and since then,” said Minister Wong.

He informed the school that he would pledge to fund support as a token of his government’s appreciation for the school’s work achievements, adding that the Gazelle District Development Authority will contribute infrastructure.

Human resource development is a key program of Minister Wong’s administration, and he is committed to supporting Gazelle schools so that more elites and leaders are produced in professional fields in the future.

50 years of the schoole The Golden Jubilee was marked by the unveiling of a plaque followed by traditional performances by the students and the surrounding community.



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