A veteran member of the MSU faculty, the author takes the head of the CMLL department


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Robert M. West (Photo by Beth Wynn)

STARKVILLE, Mississippi — Mississippi State Professor Robert M. West is adding the Acting Department Head of the Department of Classical and Modern Languages ​​and Literatures to his leadership positions on campus.

A faculty member in the English Department since 2002, West was instrumental in the installation by MSU in 2019 of a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest academic honors organization in the United States. He is currently president of the PBK chapter of MSU and also chairs the membership committee that selects students for induction.

“Dr. West is a longtime faculty member of the English Department and as such has shared his experience regarding the challenges of teaching and researching the humanities,” said the Dean of College of Arts and Science Rick Travis. “Add his experience as Associate Editor of the Mississippi Quarterly, which is hosted at our college, and he has seen many aspects of administration. He will be a wise decision maker and a effective advocate of the ministry. ”

A native of North Carolina, West is the editor of “The Complete Poems of AR Ammons”, a 2017 publication of WW Norton & Co.. He served as Acting Director of Judy and Bobby Shackouls Honors College for the academic year. 2010-2011.

Travis said West’s leadership efforts to bring PBK to MSU helped West “get to know the scale of our college” and “get to know” the administrative structure of the university very well.

“I have admired this department for over 20 years and feel honored to have the opportunity to serve its faculty and students in this way. The study of languages ​​and literatures from around the world has long been at the heart of the work of a world-class university, and I will be a strong advocate for it during my tenure as Acting Head of Department, ”said West .

West’s essays, book reviews, and poems have appeared in publications such as Alabama Literary Review, American Life in Poetry, Appalachian Journal, The Best Nonrequired Reading, Christian Science Monitor, Poetry, South Atlantic Review, Southern Poetry Review, and Southern Quarterly .

His other publications include the collection of poetry “Convalescent” (2011) and an anthology he co-edited with poet Jonathan Greene, “Succinct: The Broadstone Anthology of Short Poems” (2013).

West’s next book “Robert Morgan: Essays on the Life and Work” is due out this year at McFarland. West co-edited the collection of essays on the poet and novelist with Jesse Graves, professor of English at East Tennessee State University.

West received his doctorate. and master’s degrees, both in English, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He holds a BA in English from Wake Forest University.

MSU is Mississippi’s premier university, available online at www.msstate.edu.

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