Adam Jones gives first look at potential Gibson Flying V signature model on stage with Tool


On Monday night (January 10), Tool performed his first show in nearly two years, headlining the Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Oregon.

While fans were no doubt delighted with the surprises of the show’s setlist (Pushit – the album version, beware – was performed live for the first time since 2014, while Right on two received its first live broadcast since 2011), another aspect of the show that quickly sparked the rumor was one of the electric guitars that Adam Jones used during the evening.

For the closest group, Invincible, Jones can clearly be seen in the video above – courtesy of YouTuber JJG – playing a sort of Flying V, with a split head no less.

The guitar is certainly not the recently released V2 version of Jones’ 1979 Les Paul Custom, and it’s a far cry from the “crappy backup gear” Jones allegedly used on the recent rehearsal livestream before Tool’s tour, so could this potentially be the prototype of a signature Gibson Flying V from Adam Jones?

This isn’t the first time that the fires at Adam Jones’ signature V rumor mill have been stoked. Jones and Gibson themselves appeared to tease the possibility in November 2020, slipping a post-credits photo of a Silverburst Flying V into the YouTube video announcing Tool guitarist Les Paul’s signing.

A Gibson Flying V Silverburst guitar

This mysterious Gibson Flying V appears in the final frame of the 2020 YouTube video announcing the signing of Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom (Image credit: Gibson TV / YouTube)

Rumors of a Jones V also leaked in March and August of last year via Instagram posts in which Jones, respectively, played a V and photographed a trio of V-compatible Gibson guitar cases.

Since we only have fan footage of the guitar Jones used on stage with Tool at the moment, it’s hard to make definitive calls on any of the model’s specs, but one thing that stands out is immediately is the slit head of V.

First seen in 1957 on Gibson’s proto-Explorer Futura design, the split-head (or “forked”) look has made occasional appearances on Custom Shop Flying Vs, but is completely absent from the current V line of the company.

A forked headstock would make the theoretical Adam Jones Flying V perhaps even more valuable and ultra-collectible than Tool guitarist Les Paul’s signature has already proven.

Plus, Jones’ onstage tease V comes just days after Metallica’s Kirk Hammett teased a new Gibson Flying V signing on Instagram.

All of this leads us to wonder if 2022 will be the year of the 5th …


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