Adele announces new Easy On Me song with pointy winged eyeliner


Adele knows how to tease us. Speculation around the iconic pop singer’s new music has been circling for some time.

After giving us 19, 21 and 25 – all filled with shower-worthy belts – posters and screenings bearing the mysterious number 30 have popped up around the world.

The number has been displayed on various landmarks including Westminster, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, the Louvre, and the Coliseum in Rome. Super laid back.

Now, after six long (long, very long) years, the singer has finally revealed that a full song will be released next week.

Posting a 21-second black-and-white clip to Instagram, Adele can be seen placing a tape in a car stereo, checking herself in the rearview mirror, and enjoying a piano instrument while driving.

The end of the video and its caption both say the same thing: “Easy On Me – October 15”, a confirmation of the song’s title and release date.

Although there is not a single word sung by Adele, everyone (including us) has completely lost it. The post currently has over 12.5 million likes and over 124,300 comments.

Next to the many “YESSS QUEEN” and “I’M CRYING RN” comments (hey, I was excited, okay?), There was another big talking point: her amazing winged eyeliner.

Adele has always been known to wear a pointy winged liner and while this teaser video is short, we still get a glimpse of it in all its glory.

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“That winged eyeliner!” wrote a user.

While another added, “Apply winged frickin eyeliner and smokey eye… big hair and fake nails. Then we roll.”

Her makeup was done by famous makeup artist Anthony H. Nguyen, who also posted the teaser on his own Instagram page.

Her article was also inundated with praise for her eyeliner skills, with comments such as, “It’s that winged pencil for me.”

I mean, just watch it:

Adele / @ adele


Just recently, Adele gave us another major makeup moment when she pulled off that TikTok blush trick, and now this? Looks like her new album is also going to come with some amazing beauty looks.

And if you’re trying to copy Adele’s winged eyeliner, can I point you to our favorite waterproof eyeliners – because we know we’ll all cry when that first song drops.

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