Alexis Somers Today: Michele MacNeill’s Daughter Now


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Martin MacNeill and his wife, Michele MacNeill./Alexis Somers, their daughter.

Alexis Somers was instrumental in the fight for justice for her mother, Michele MacNeill, who was murdered by her father, Dr. Martin MacNeill. She discovered an affair between her father and Gypsy Willis. Today she is a doctor and married with twins.

Investigators initially believed MacNeill died of heart disease, according to his autopsy report. But the chief medical examiner subsequently reassessed his case and determined that prescription drugs were likely a factor in his death, which he said “raised suspicion.” according to the modified autopsy.

ABC 20/20 revisits the case in an encore episode, “The Perfect Nanny”. It airs on Friday, August 27, 2021 at 9 p.m. EST.

Here’s what you need to know:

Alexis Somers changed her name to erase her father’s memory and became a family doctor

Alexis Somers fought for justice for her mother until her father was behind bars, she told ABC News. She worked to erase her father’s memory after his conviction, removing his name from her mother’s gravestone and changing her own last name to her mother’s maiden name, she told ABC .

“All he cared about, I mean, was his family. I mean, her family was her life, ”Somers told ABC.

She went to medical school and now has her own family medicine practice, she told ABC.

“I wanted to graduate with my mother’s maiden name. I don’t want to be Dr MacNeill, ”Somers told ABC. “I don’t want to have any part of my father.”

his biography for her work as a doctor, says she enjoys “reading, traveling, cooking, sleeping and most of all spending time with her husband and children, including toddler twins”.

She received her medical degree from Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Nevada and completed her residency at Utah Valley Family Medicine in Provo, Utah, according to her biography. Her undergraduate degree was in history, which she obtained from Brigham Young University. She obtained her Masters in History of Medicine from Imperial College London, UK.

Alexis Somers believed her father killed her mother as soon as she heard she was dead

Alexis somers told ABC News that as soon as she heard that her mother was dead, she knew that her father had killed her. She recalled a phone call with Martin MacNeill after calling her mother to check if she was okay. He answered the phone for his mother, she told ABC.

“He said, ‘Your mother. She’s in the tub. She is not breathing. I called an ambulance. And then he hung up. I just started driving to the airport and was just screaming. Just screaming. He killed her. It was my first instinct. “

Michele MacNeil’s youngest daughter Ada MacNeill found her lying lifeless in a bathtub after Martin MacNeill picked her up from school, according to ABC News. The young girl told her older sister about the traumatic experience, Somers told ABC.

“Ada said my dad picked her up from school and said, ‘Go see your mom,'” Somers told ABC. “So she came running in, just calling out, ‘Mum! Mom!’ And my dad stayed in the kitchen while she went to the bathroom and found her.

The girl also played an important role in her father’s trial. She drew a picture investigators to show exactly how she found her mother in the tub.

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