All ‘The Office’ fans know this Travis song – the beating heart of ‘The Invisible Band’


Scottish indie rock band Travis are back with a bang. With a US tour kicking off next week in San Francisco, the pop group celebrates the 20th anniversary of their multi-platinum album ‘The Invisible Band’. “To support the re-release”, frontman Fran Healey observed, “we’re bringing it all home – well, back to where the album was recorded with a tour of the United States”

Remastered in a new edition with a host of never-before-seen demos, live recordings and outtakes, “The Invisible Band” has never sounded better. Completed in 2001 at Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles with Nigel Godrich at the helm and Grammy-winning engineer Emily Lazar, “The Invisible Band” is an unforgettable musical journey that has only grown richer over the years. that followed its original release.

In an interview this week for an upcoming episode of Salon’s “Everything Fab Four” podcast, bassist Dougie Payne shared the joy of revisiting the album, which Travis will perform in its entirety on their upcoming shows. For Payne, playing the LP live made “a very nice 45 minutes of light and shadow and group dynamics. In my mind, I’m back at Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles, and I get lost in the ‘moment.”

Payne was particularly surprised by the band’s rediscovery of the softer, deeper moments that live at the heart of “The Invisible Band”. The band was particularly pleased with “the way the really delicate, quiet songs came to life on stage. Songs like ‘Dear Diary’ and ‘The Cage’ – they’re very fragile little things” that captivated audiences on the band’s last tour.

“It seemed like such a good marriage between the show and the song.”

And Payne is well aware that when Travis hits the road next week, they’ll be joined by a host of new listeners thanks to the US version of hit TV show ‘The Office’. In a season two episode of the show, office mates – and “are they going, aren’t they?” potential lovers – Jim and Pam (John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer) listen to ‘Sing’ on an iPod. It’s a stolen moment that stole hearts with Travis’ debut single from “The Invisible Band.”

Watch the “Singing” video:

“It was such a powerful and lovely emotional moment,” Payne remarks. “It seemed like such a good marriage between the show and the song. Examples like this are real magic, you know?” In this way, he admits, “music acts like a time machine that exists outside of time. No matter how you grab it or how it finds you, only that.”

For Travis, the synergy between “Sing” and “The Office,” one of the most successful syndicated television shows of all time, has allowed their music to be discovered by new generations of listeners. And as lucky viewers will find out next week at San Francisco’s Fillmore, “Sing” is the beating heart that sets “The Invisible Band” in motion.

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