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🎭 BOWEN YANG IS NOW A FULL-TIME MEMBER OF SNL CAST: Bowen Yang (@fayedunaway) will bring even more laughs to Saturday Night Live, as he just received a promotion from a star player to a full-time actor. More Outside.

AT LEAST 25% OF WNBA PLAYOFFS ARE LGBTQ + AND NOT: 24 players from the 2021 WNBA Playoffs released as LGBTQ +. That’s more than all the active athletes playing in all men’s professional sports around the world combined – by a large margin. More Outdoor sports.

🎥 🎬 ABORIGINAL QUEER ACTOR MORNINGSTAR ANGELINE LEADS A WAY TO FILM AND TV: A multi-hyphenated artist, MorningStar Angeline discreetly reshapes the stories Hollywoods tells about Indigenous peoples. More Lawyer.


⚖️ ⚧️ A “MILESTONE” DECISION IN TAIWAN JUST ADVANCED TRANS RIGHTS: In a game-changing decision, a Taiwanese court ruled in favor of a trans woman who appealed for legal recognition of her gender without requiring proof of surgery. More them.

👨🏽‍⚖️ 11 LAWYERS RISK PRISON FOR TOP IMAM CRITICISM OF THE LGBTQ + DECLARATION: Ankara Bar Association president and 10 members of its board face up to two years in prison for press release criticizing Turkey’s top imam for his comments targeting people LGBTQ + and HIV positive. More SCF.

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