Amazon Adds Even More Devices to First Prime Day Deals



These agreements are on fire.

Not literally, of course, but with prices this high on most new Amazon Fire products, it certainly is.

On sale a day before the main Amazon Prime Day on June 21 and 22, the shopping site has another surprise in store for you: it offers you early offers on many Amazon Fire TV Sticks, the Fire TV Cube, Fire HD tablets. for yourself or the kids, and more.

If you’ve spent enough time in front of a screen and are looking to get away from the house but make sure it stays safe, there are also big discounts on Amazon’s Blink Outdoor Security Cameras. and interior, as well as an offer on Ring Doorbell Kits. .

In case you missed it, this is actually the second drop in the first device deals, adding even more items to the vast array of early bird deals across all sections of the site. The first batch of device deals included the Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Echo Buds, to name a few bestsellers, so take a look to see if you can still grab them cheaply beforehand. Prime Day.

As a reminder, all you need to take advantage of these offers is to sign up for Amazon Prime and go shopping, as these devices are likely not to stay on electronic shelves for long. Then log back in tomorrow, June 21, and get started on the official Prime Day 2021 days.

Fire TV Cube, $ 79.99 (originally $ 119.99)

An Amazon Fire TV cube on an orange and pink background

No remote, no problem.

Stream all your favorite shows, get ready for movie night, and more with the hands-free Alexa set up on your new Fire TV Cube. Even when your TV is off, you can ask Alexa to turn it on, dim the lights, check the weather, and start a show with just your voice.

A black Amazon TV Fire remote control

Another hot streaming option is a Fire TV Stick 4K for all your binge-watching needs.

The remote is also set up with the Alexa voice assistant, allowing you to search for your next show or movie without having to type everything. Be sure to click and check out the other bundles, including some with Ethernet adapters, a Luna controller, and more.

A black tablet

If working from home on your old laptop is making you feel exhausted, this Fire HD 10 tablet will rekindle your fire.

The all new model is perfect for heavy use, as it offers up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge and 32GB or 64GB of storage. The day before Prime Day, this offer goes live and is available in four colors: black, blue, green and purple.

A black Amazon tablet with a blue boarder

If the older brother seen above was just too big, take a look at the smaller but still powerful Fire HD 8 tablet.

The tablet has quite similar specs, including the impressive 12-hour battery life on a single charge. It will be $ 40 off for this early Prime Day deal and again comes in four colors, including black, white, blue, and dark purple.

A pink and purple children's tablet

Now your kids can also spend some screen time.

Give kids a new toy this Prime Day with an early offer on the latest Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, now on sale for $ 80 off. The device inside is great, but the best part about this deal is the Year of Amazon Kids + which is free with purchase, giving you access to over 20,000 books, apps, games, videos, songs. , Audible books and more. It also comes with a durable, colorful case in pink, blue, or aquamarine.

A purple kid's tablet with cartoons on the screen

Similar to the above, this Fire HD 8 Kids tablet is a great idea for long car rides, educational books and songs, and quiet times with a good show and headphones while parents relax a bit. The price is also lower, now $ 70 less than the original price.

Amazon Halo, $ 69.99 (originally $ 99.99)

A Black Amazon Halo Band

Here is a deal on a Guardian Angel for your health.

Amazon’s new Halo device is a portable device that helps you track your body’s vital signs, fitness, and more. With help from Alexa, learn about your sleep quality, activity level and more. The band itself is available in three trendy colors for all fitness enthusiasts, a black and onyx, rose gold and rose gold jumpsuit or a blue and silver winter combo. This device is on sale for the first time, so grab this deal and run – while following in your footsteps, of course.

Echo Show 5, $ 44.99 (originally $ 79.99)

A white Echo Show 5 device with a blonde woman calling on the screen

Show your loved ones what you’re doing, even if you can’t physically be there.

The Echo Show 5 connects you with your friends and family in seconds, calling them on their own Echo Show or through an Alexa-powered device or even Skype. You can also use your Echo Show to control your smart home, watch Netflix, play audiobooks, and more.

A black Amazon Echo device

Add a little helper to your home with the Echo Dot.

The Echo Dot 4th Gen is now at one of the most affordable prices ever – just under $ 25. The device is fully equipped with the Alexa voice assistant, which can help you know the weather, stay on top of the news, order groceries and more. It is also available in three colors including black, white or light blue above.

A black camera and flashing outdoor text on top

Don’t blink or you’ll miss this early Prime Day deal.

Save big on Blink Outdoor Camera Kits, available in packs of five or smaller as well. Since they stay outdoors, the cameras are weatherproof and have a two-year battery life, so having a dead camera won’t be a problem. The best part is that the entire system is $ 155 off the ticket price, saving you money while providing peace of mind.

A set of five white and black indoor security cameras

Why only watch the outside of your house when things are going on inside too?

Keep an eye out for pets, kids, and the babysitter with the indoor equivalent of the Blink Camera System above. The set of five is on sale for $ 100 off, making it an obvious buy for your home security setup, especially as we get out of the house and into the office.

Two mini white security cameras

Small space? No problem.

If the larger Blink Indoor system was a bit too much, try the mini version. The two-pack is on sale now, along with packs of one or up to three cameras. Like the larger version, they feature a two-way audio system, motion detection and night vision so nothing goes unnoticed.

A white wifi router and two extension cords

The only thing we can’t live without is a solid Wi-Fi connection – and now you never have to.

The eero Pro mesh WiFi system set comes with a Pro and two Beacons to extend the signal throughout your home, covering a four bedroom home with a fast and reliable internet connection. This offer will be as fast as your Wi-Fi, as the price drops below $ 200, saving you $ 128 off the ticket price.

A set of three white eero wifi systems

Say goodbye to dead zones and hello to an interconnected home with this Wi-Fi setup.

The eero pack is on sale for pre-Prime Day, saving you $ 98 off the original price. The set comes with a powerful eero 6 router and two additional extension cords, ensuring your entire home is covered when it comes to a strong and reliable internet connection.

A set of white Ring bells

Ding Dong! We’re calling to tell you more about home security.

The 8-Piece Ring Alarm Kit is on sale now, saving you $ 100 and worrying about leaving your home unattended. The five-piece kit is also on sale, better for smaller apartments or condos. Bonus: both come with Alexa voice assistant capabilities.



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