Amazon has appointed Andy Jassy as CEO. Can he keep what Jeff Bezos has built?


One of the hallmarks of Andy Jassy’s leadership of Inc.’s cloud computing unit was a meeting tool called “the wheel”.

At weekly staff meetings, Jassy and other senior executives used the wheel to select random employees to give presentations about their company, according to current and former employees. Mr. Jassy and the executives listened intently – perhaps interrupting to correct mistakes – then spiced up the staff with detailed questions.

Starting Monday, Mr. Jassy will bring this super-detailed management style to the monumental task of managing all of Amazon. He is filling some of the biggest shoes in the business world as he takes on the role of CEO of the company’s billionaire centi-founder, Jeff Bezos.

Mr. Jassy, ​​53, is a lifelong Amazon who learned the ropes alongside Mr. Bezos. He shares some traits with his mentor and in other ways is a different type of leader. People who have worked closely with Mr. Jassy over the years describe him as gentle and approachable in a way that some say Mr. Bezos is not. Passionate about sports and music, Mr. Jassy enjoys wearing jeans to the office and can occasionally be spotted in restaurants on Amazon’s Seattle campus.

While some former employees say Mr. Jassy is more balanced with employees than Mr. Bezos – who is known to explode in meetings if an executive seems ill-prepared – they also say he’s at least as intense and competitive. And while Mr. Bezos over the past few years has largely governed with a hands-off approach, as the Wall Street Journal reported in February, Mr. Jassy is known to dig into every detail of his division, Amazon Web Services. , sometimes to a degree that baffled his underlings, according to former employees. He has done everything from introducing potential clients and guiding technical changes to choosing music at company events and editing press releases. It was more difficult to secure a place on Mr Jassy’s calendar than with any other top executive reporting to Mr Bezos, according to former senior Amazon executives.


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