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Apple Music has launched a new, cheaper platform called the Apple Music Voice Plan.

Apple Music typically costs $ 9.99 per month for individuals or $ 14.99 per month for families. A discounted plan for students is available at $ 4.99 per month. The voice plan costs $ 4.99 per month, for everyone, but what’s the deal?

The Apple Music voice plan is compatible with any Siri-enabled device that can play Apple Music. This means that iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, HomePod, CarPlay and AirPods are present … but third party integrations like Apple Music for Echo or Samsung smart TVs are not supported .

What can you listen to with Apple Music Voice Plan?

The Apple Music voice plan gives full access to the Apple Music catalog. You can request to play any song in the library or to play one of the available playlists or radio stations. There is no limit on the choice of songs. It’s not like Pandora where you only have a limited number of hops.

As well as being able to request specific songs or albums, Apple is significantly expanding the thematic playlists exposed to Siri, so you’ll be able to request things like “Play Dinner Playlist” and get instant streaming music.

What can’t you do with the Apple Music voice plan?

The problem with the voice plane is that you can’t use Apple Music through apps, you have to control music playback only with your voice using Siri. So if you want to play the latest Ed Sheeran song, rather than navigating the Music app UI on your phone, you will have to call Siri and say “Play Ed Sheeran’s new song”.

Some other features are also not available on the voice side, including Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio, lossless music, video clips, and lyrics.

What can I do in the Music app if I have the voice plan?

As the level prohibits the visual user interface for playing music, the Music app will show a very different interface if you are vocal. It will be removed and will include suggestions on what to ask Siri to play, in addition to recent listening history. There will also be a special section to help users learn how to interact with Apple Music through Siri.

How do I sign up for the Apple Music voice plan?

The Apple Music Voice plan is available on devices running iOS 15.2 or later. The Apple Music Voice plan is available for purchase in seventeen countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain and Taiwan.

You can sign up through the Music app or directly using your voice with Siri by saying “Hey Siri, start my Apple Music Voice trial”.

Is there a free trial of the Voice plan?

For each Apple ID, a customer can take advantage of a seven-day free trial of the Apple Music Voice plan. Exceptionally, this test is not renewed automatically. So, after the seven day period ends, customers will again be asked to pay $ 4.99 for the voice plan or choose one of the other full Apple Music tiers.

How does Voice Plan compare to the competition?

There is no direct competitor to the voice plan among music streaming services like Spotify or Amazon. Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube Music have free (ad-supported) options that generally limit the catalog available and are designed as “music radio” services, so you can’t always choose exactly what you want to listen to.

Amazon Music offers a single device plan at $ 3.99 per month. This is similar to the Apple Music Voice plan in that you can only control music with your voice using Amazon Alexa. However, the single device plan is limited to a single Echo or Fire TV device. Apple Music Voice Plan costs a dollar more, at $ 4.99 per month, but you’ll be able to listen on any Apple device you own, as long as you use Siri to do so.

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