Apple to pay $ 95 million in lawsuit for refurbished devices


Apple claims its replacement AppleCare devices are on par with newer ones in performance and reliability, but a lawsuit argued otherwise.

Apple agreed to settle a lawsuit by paying a sum of $ 95 million for allegations that the company violated the terms of its AppleCare service contracts by offering replacement devices whose reliability and performance fell below those promised by the society. However, this is not the first time that Apple has drawn legal attention to product quality and performance. Last year, Apple agreed to pay a $ 500 million settlement after admitting it intentionally slowed down iPhones as a result of software updates, a controversy that gained attention and became known as the saga name “Throttlegate”.

In its defense, Apple said it wanted to strike a balance between peak performance and battery life on older iPhones, but customers claimed it was a tactic to force them to switch to an iPhone. more recent. In April of this year, a US court ruled that Apple was aware of display issues on its redesigned MacBook that suffered from a “Stage Light” issue, but the company proceeded with the public release anyway. Just a few weeks ago, class actions were filed against Apple over cracked screens on its M1-powered MacBook Air and Pro models which were introduced last year.

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Regarding the latest legal setback for Apple, the company has agreed to pay $ 95 million to settle a lawsuit alleging a breach of contract regarding its AppleCare service which offers extended warranty and technical support on some products, according to Law360. Nicknamed the Continuation of the replacement device, the plaintiffs who purchased the AppleCare plans claim to have received remanufactured devices that are not “equivalent to new in terms of performance and reliabilityAs promised by the company. Citing their experience, the defendants accused Apple of violating the Magnusson-Moss warranty law, the Song-Beverly consumer warranty law and the California unfair competition law.

Apple’s refurbished devices don’t appear to be what they claim

Apple Refurbished Device Lawsuit

According to Apple’s own AppleCare documentation which was last updated on September 14 of this year, Apple will offer two types of services covered by its service: (i) repair the defect free of charge, using new parts or parts equivalent to new in terms of performance and reliability, or (ii) exchange the Covered Equipment for a new replacement or equivalent to new in terms of performance and reliability. In accordance with court documents, the plaintiffs presented evidence that the refurbished devices offered by Apple do not offer the reliability or performance one gets from a new unit. Experts commissioned by the complainants argued that factors such as operational wear and tear may not always be visible to the naked eye and may appear normal in some functional tests, but these components shorten the lifespan of products.

Apple, on the other hand, has “vehemently denied” that remanufactured devices are substandard by all standards. However, the company agreed to the settlement due to the hassle of a long lawsuit, according to MacRumors, bearing in mind the conflicting testimony offered by experts on both sides of the legal battle. The court granted class action lawsuit status in 2019 despite Apple’s disagreements. As for users who are covered and entitled to a share of damages on the settlement amount of $ 95 million, this includes people who purchased an AppleCare or AppleCare + plan for an iPhone or iPad after July 20, 2012 and have received a refurbished replacement unit.

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Source: Law360, prosecution relating to replacement devices

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