Artist O’Neil Fernandes appears again with his instrumental cover “I’ll Stand By You”


Artist O’Neill Fernandes beautifully composed the instrumental cover of the song ‘I will stay by your side’ complemented by a music video to describe what true love is.

TThe rhythm of Eternal Love in the music video completed the artist’s latest touching, romantic and vibrant instrumental piece. O’Neill Fernandes, I will stay by your side‘, which was recorded by The Pretenders from their last song on the album Independents (1994). Dedicated to his wife, the song is so beautifully composed that I totally lost myself in the pure perfection of the music. Listening to the piece, I felt that the artist showed once again that his caliber in music and the instrumental business is never limited. Although the clip does not feature any lyrical part, the cinematography backed up by the beautiful music portrays everything meticulously.

The track contains a beautiful story of a couple aging together. Their love is not affected or reduced over time. It gives me the feeling of the power of true love. It evolves but never stops. O’Neil Fernandes must have been very picky about the music when he conceptualized the theme of this clip, which led him to achieve perfection. Also if I am talking about the use of guitar and drums then I have to say they sounded magical on the song cover ‘I will stay by your side’. The continuous strumming of these instruments brings the music to life. Once you listen to it, you won’t get over it easily. So listen to his songs and subscribe to his Youtube channel and follow him on Facebook.

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