Bangor Flute Band feared an explosive device was thrown at them during the Belfast parade


Footage of an incident involving the group has been widely shared on social media.

A group involved in an incident in Belfast that was widely shared online said its members feared an explosive device had been thrown at them.

The Bangor Protestant Boys Flute Band had marched through the Agincourt area of ​​Belfast on Tuesday morning to mark the annual commemoration of the Battle of the Boyne on July 12.

In camera footage that later went viral, a man can be seen exiting a property displaying an Irish tricolor before throwing a wheelie bin towards the group.

After that, the man retreated inside the property as gang members attempted to arrest him.

A man in a band uniform then threw another trash can at the front window of the property, smashing it.

Alongside the clip of this incident, a second video shows officers placing a trash can in the back of a police van.

Later on Tuesday, the PSNI said it was aware of the footage and had arrested a 46-year-old man on suspicion of a range of offenses including assault and disorderly behavior.

He also said detectives were investigating other potential offenses and people.

In a statement to JOE on Wednesday, the PSNI confirmed the 46-year-old had been released on bail by police pending further investigation.

Represented by loyalist Jamie Bryson, the Bangor Protestant Boys Flute Band released a statement in which they said they had been the victim of an “unprovoked sectarian attack”.

“In the split second following this unprovoked and totally unexpected sectarian attack, there were real and legitimate concerns among members of the group that an explosive device had been thrown into the ranks,” the statement said.

“In this context, the group showed remarkable restraint and fortunately calm was quickly restored to the situation.

“In the confusion following the attack on the gang, unfortunately an object shattered the glass of the general property from which the attacker came.

“Unbeknownst to the gang members, the property is divided into different houses on several floors and unfortunately the shattered window did not in fact belong to the perpetrator, but rather to an entirely innocent victim of this situation, who had been endangered by the aggressive sectarian attack launched by their neighbour.”

The group said they would pay for any damage to the innocent person’s window and apologized to that person.


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