Bastille shares otherworldly video for new song ‘Remind Me’


Bastille has shared a brand new track and video – check out the visual for the unreleased song “Remind Me” below.

“I started working on ‘Remind Me’ a few years ago in Los Angeles with some writer friends at the very beginning of the ‘Give Me The Future’ album process,” frontman Dan Smith said in a statement. “We didn’t really know what it would be for, but we always loved how different it felt to us. To end up in London with Mark Crew and the rest of the guys, we wanted to do something sharp and minimal.

“The lyrics are about how our minds can taunt us with memories playing uncontrollably like scenes on a loop, so we set the track to this hypnotic, rolling guitar riff. We invited a group of singers to lend their voice to the piece.

Smith added: We had delved into a lot of music from the 80s that had seemed futuristic at the time, so it fits with the ideas of past versions of the future that we explore through the album. This song was like a starting point for us a few years ago and helped shape the sound tone of the whole ‘GMTF’ album.

Watch the new video, which doubles as a preview of the band‘s new “Give Me The Future” digital experience, below.

Using a custom world built with Unreal Engine software, Bastille’s new digital experience, announced last week, lets fans explore the “surreal” land of new album “Give Me The Future.”

“We’ve always been fascinated by this tension between the desire to escape your life and the reality of having to face things,” Smith said. NME this week. “Escape can be this amazing, transporting tool that allows you to get out of your own head and be someone else, but ultimately, is that realistic enough? In the long run, is that healthy?

Bastille scored their third UK number one album with ‘Give Me The Future’, their fourth studio album, in February.


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