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At first glance, Aegislash seems to be ideal for a team fighter like Pokemon Unite. It’s a real sword, and deservedly has tons of damage for an All-Rounder. It may, however, be a glass cannon, which is odd because its design contains a shield. You can even switch to Shield Forme for more sustain, but that doesn’t really make you tanky.

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However, it more than makes up for that in sustain through its kit, and its lane flexibility is nearly unparalleled. This leads to a multitude of building paths and quite a high skill cap. You’ll need to practice if you want to master Aegislash, and it won’t be to everyone’s taste.


When to choose Aegislash

Screen showing evolution from Honedge to Doublade to Aegislash in Pokemon Unite.

Aegislash is a good choice for teams where you’re not sure how things will go, especially in the solo queue where other players are likely to lock down rock star roles. attacker and speedster before you have a chance to respond.

Choosing your path wisely during a battle will allow you to adapt to the needs of your team. Sometimes you’ll have to play a high risk, high reward build, focusing on damage output and critical hits. You can even play a more support-oriented style based on Wide Guard.

We will briefly list two versions here, so you can choose to adapt on the fly. You’ll want to try and score as much as possible, and Aegislash’s kit can set that up pretty well.

Aegislash: versatile construction

Choice of items for a versatile Aegislash build in Pokemon Unite

The former suits the all-purpose role, is a little more sustain and utility oriented, and is effective in both lane and jungle ganking. He’s also great for scoring points, which you’ll likely need to do to make up for your teammates’ shortcomings.

Sacred Sword is a great tool for disrupting the enemy team, thanks to its knock-up, increased Aegislash boost count, and a decent amount of AoE damage.

This goes well with Wide Guard, a shield that also greatly increases boosts and pushes enemy Pokémon back, and can set up your team for offense or defense.

For this, you are going to want to balance your item choices. Goal Shield is ideal, as buddy barrier if you find yourself in the lane more often than not. attack weight seems like the logical choice if you score more, but you can also pick up muscle band if you want more damage.

For your battle object, the proven ones Attack X works, but you might also want Scorer for a little extra protection when scoring.

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Aegislash: offensive version

Choice of items for an offensive version of Aegislash in Pokemon Unite

For those who want a more offensive build capable of executing low health enemies, you should focus on items and moves that take advantage of critical hit chance and damage.

The reason for this is the synergy with Shadow Claw, a move that when buffed increases your critical strike chance even further, for all attacks. This short buff, combined with Iron Head’s gap crunch and shield, can frequently cause enemies to explode.

This build depends on having the razor claw and Scope lens equipped, as they both greatly increase critical strike chance and damage, while your third item can be the muscle band for complete violation or Weakness Policy for more damage when trading with enemies.

Attack X is the perfect battle item for this build.

Aegislash: statistics

Screen showing the two forms of Aegislash in Pokemon Unite, Blade and Shield.

Two things to note with Aegislash’s stats are:

  • When you see two numbers, these refer to Sword Forme and Shield Forme respectively.
  • Attack damage is a base stat, before resistances/buffs or weaknesses/debuffs are applied.
Level resume Defense special defense attack damage
1 3000 50 35 168
2 3062 53 37 171
3 3136 56 39 174
4 3225 60 42 178
5 3547 75 52 192
6 3675 81 56 198
7 4259 108/308 75/215 323/223
8 4444 117/342 81/241 341/231
9 4665 127/377 88/268 361/241
ten 4931 139/414 97/297 384/253
11 5250 154/454 107/327 407/267
12 5632 172/497 119/359 434/284
13 6091 193/543 134/394 464/304
14 6641 219/569 152/412 488/328
15 7302 250/650 174/474 537/357

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