Billie Eilish engages UK fans on new single after ‘amazing’ moment on tour


Billie Eilish has revealed she decided to involve UK fans in her brand new TV single after an “incredible” moment while touring the UK.

American singer-songwriter Eilish, 20, released two new tracks on Thursday, marking his first new release since 2021’s number one album Happier Than Ever.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 about her new TV song, Eilish revealed the crowd heard singing the line ‘maybe I’m the problem’ as the track draws to a close is actually the audience during the first night of his recently completed UK tour.

Speaking about the experience, Eilish told host Clara Amfo: “So the first night we did it live was in Manchester, the first night, and that was the first time we did a song unreleased live since the party ended or something, years and years ago, and we didn’t talk about it until we said nothing.

“We sat there, and we were just like, we have a new song. We need you to hear it. It’s here.

“And we started playing on TV, and then at the end, we knew we wanted them to sing, and we had a bunch of recording devices all over the place just to record them really well, and we didn’t said nothing, we just wanted to have it.

“We didn’t really know how we were going to do it. I kind of tried it in different ways and was really successful.

“So what I did was I just sang a few lines, then I had them sing together and back and forth, they sang it, and I sang it.

“And it was such an amazing moment.

“It’s so crazy to go through this, especially with a song that two seconds ago was just you alone in a room.

“No one had heard it before and now it’s in a room full of thousands of people and they’re all singing together, it was really amazing.

“And they just sounded so wonderful.

“And we did that for the rest of the shows.

“So it was very important that it was involved.

“And also the song really feels like a tour now to me because we did it on this tour before it came out and I love that it’s a memory for this song forever.

“So it was important to have those lovely little voices there and I love listening to that.

“I just think the way they sang it, it’s like it sounded so envious and desperate and heartbreaking.”

Eilish also released The 30th on the new Guitar Songs EP and described the track as “probably the most personal song” she and her songwriter Finneas have ever written.

After first catching public attention in 2015 with her debut single Ocean Eyes, Eilish told Amfo, 38, that she had a new album planned but had yet to write the others. songs that would appear there.

“There’s a new album that hasn’t been done yet, that’s what I’ll say,” she explained.

She added, “So that means they’re about to be made and it’s a cool feeling. The idea that songs that are going to mean a lot to me one day, haven’t even been written yet. .

The full interview with Billie Eilish is available on BBC Sounds.


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