Brann Dailor from Mastodon: Lars Ulrich was “one of my main influences”


In a recent interview with Radioactive Mike Z, host of the 96.7 KCAL-FM radio program “Wired in the Empire”, MASTODON drummer Brann Dailor was asked about the first time he heard METALLICmusic. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I think my entry point to METALLIC was ‘Ride the lightning’. This is where I started with them, and I think he was my cousin Excited who showed me my first METALLIC band, who was ‘Ride the lightning’. He just gave it to me. And so thank you, cousin Excited, for showing me the way. And, man, the title song, ‘Ride the lightning’, this is the one for me. I was already in [JUDAS PRIEST] and [IRON] YOUNG LADY, and he said to me: “This is the next step”. So I was like, ‘Okay. Costs.'”

Call METALLIC‘s Lars ulrich “One of my main influences growing up”, Brann went on to discuss the impact of the group’s self-titled mega-sale album, better known as “Black Album,” which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. He said, “This album has solidified them. Anytime they want to go and play in any stadium in the world, they can do that, and that’s because of the ‘Black Album.’ So kudos to them.”

Dailor previously distinguished Ulrich as one of his musical inspirations during a conversation in 2017 with the podcast “Let There Be Talk”. He said at the time: “Lars was one of my guys i love Lars and i love his game i dont know why [he is constantly being criticized for him playing ability]. It really bothers me. If anyone says shit about them, I stood up for them in college and will stand up for them now.

“I once fought in college for him. We went to see METALLIC [on the ‘…And Justice For All’ tour]. QUEENSRŸCHE opened, and their drummer was Scott rockenfield – [a] great drummer. The next day a kid talked about a hangover Lars: ‘Scott rockenfieldthis is much better. Lars it sucks. ‘ I was like ‘fuck you!’ We got into it, we had a bit of a fight. I said Lars about that. He was proud of me. [Laughs]”

Dailor is not the only member of MASTODON who publicly praised METALLIC. Back in 2015, MASTODON bassist / singer Troy sanders Recount ARTISTdirect: “METALLIC is a huge reason why I chose bass and why I am where I am today. [We later supported] them in front of a hundred thousand people at Wembley Stadium. It was wonderful. If you flash and say at 13 Troy this information, my head would have exploded. “

MASTODONthe new album of, “Quiet and sinister”, was released on October 29. The 2017 follow-up “Emperor of the Sand” was registered at Western strait, which is located inside City of embers, the rehearsal room that the members of MASTODON manage in Atlanta. Leading the effort was Grammy-producer / mixer / winning engineer David Bottrill, who has already worked with MUSE, DREAM THEATER and TOOL, among many others.

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