Brooklyn 99’s Stephanie Beatriz recorded Encanto’s song while at work


The songs of Encanto have been played on repeat for many parents since the movie first landed on Disney+ last year.

But fans might not realize that Stephanie Beatriz had a unique experience while recording “Waiting On A Miracle.”

She revealed that she was in labor while in the recording studio.

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“I didn’t want to tell anyone at Disney because I didn’t want anyone to freak out, but I was already in contractions when we were to tape that day,” she said. Variety.

“I was like ‘Well, fingers crossed, I’ll finish the song before [the baby] come!'”

When the film’s director Byron Howard was asked if he knew Beatriz’s secret, he added: “We knew she was very, very, very, very ready to have this baby. But she didn’t tell us. said she was almost, almost ready.”

the Brooklyn nine-nine star actually gave birth to baby girl Rosaline the next day.

Beatriz welcomed her little one in August, sharing a sweet post about him on Instagram.

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“Her name is Rosaline: pronounced Roz-uh-line,” she said.

“I’m so in awe of the whole experience of having a child. It’s INCREDIBLE and HARD, GORGEOUS and EMOTIONAL, and I can’t remember ever being so amazed and feeling so deeply grateful.

“Roz, you’re so cool.”

The 41-year-old has previously spoken to digital spy on film, sharing her sweet reaction to seeing her character Mirabel’s merchandise.

“I was completely sobbing, just screaming,” she said. “But it was a real reaction because it was like, ‘Press the button and my voice comes out the fucking doll.’ It’s crazy.

“It’s wild. It’s all those times where I, you know, imagining myself as these heroines and singing the songs to myself in my mirror in the bathroom at home, and now it’s really real.

“I really have to sing Disney songs in a Disney movie I’m in!”

Encanto is streaming on Disney+ and is also available for purchase at DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download.

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