Canadian radio host reveals inspiration behind new children’s book, “The Science of Song”


For years, Toronto radio host Alan Cross has chronicled the history of music on his podcast.

Now he’s reaching a new generation with a different medium – a children’s book titled The science of singing.

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“I was part of something called The Science of Rock N ‘Roll, which was a traveling museum exhibit that was shown in science centers across North America… And after it was all over, I ‘had all this information, all this research that I had done and wanted to do something with it, ”he said. Global News Morning Calgary Saturday.

“I approached the publishers, Kids Can Press, who specialize in children’s books, and I said, ‘Hey, I want to try something different. Could I reuse all that research I did for a children’s book? ‘ “

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With the green light from Kids Can Press, The science of singing – a book for ages 8 to 14, written by Alan Cross, Emme Cross and Nicole Mortillaro – was released three years later, on September 7, 2021.

“It helps them a lot to understand why we make music, how we make music. There is a lot of science. There is a lot of technology, ”said Alan Cross, commentator for Global News.

“It took real teamwork to get there. You can see that I may be the lead author, but I had a number of people helping me including my wife to make this happen.

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The book discusses how sound works, the science of how we experience music, and the evolution of headphones.

“Headphones are something that dates back to the early 1900s, when the Navy would order things to listen to while on board submarines. We also had telephone operators using headphones, ”Cross said.

“But it wasn’t really until the 1950s that someone decided that this technology could be adapted for use by consumers.”

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The book explores something young people may not know: music players.

“One of the cool things about this first Walkman is that it came with two headphone jacks because the Sony manager couldn’t imagine people cutting themselves off from the company and not wanting to share music with it. someone else, ”Cross said.

“It lasted exactly one model of Walkman before it all came down to a single headphone jack. But if kids want to know why everyone walks around wearing headphones with their personal music devices, it all started with this device in 1979. ”

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