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Just like the song says “I’ve been everywhere man, I’ve been everywhere!!” and I will pass this knowledge on to big Barstool fans using experiments. But let’s be serious, this blog is mostly about making money. We’ll give you a bet on which local team will win you money and add fun facts about some of the world’s great cities. For all the stat people in the crowd, I’ve played in 18 countries and been to 33 overall.

Biz may not like Buffalo, but I love it after spending a lot of time there, whether it was when I was a young hockey player or when my buddy Tim Connolly played there all those years. I always went skating with the Sabers in the summer and drinking with them at the Mickey Rats and the Sunset on the weekends. When my career shifted to Europe, I would catch them in the spring for their playoffs and their nights in Chippewa. Now that the Chiclets Cup is scheduled for July 22-23 in the great city of Buffalo, it’s time for the Chiclets Concierge to cover this belligerent city. We’ll take you down famous Chippewa Street to some of our favorite bars and discover local spots for the best food in town.


Buffalo, New York

Choice of the team’s local drinking trough:

Check-in room – This place has it all, a piano duel one night, live karaoke another, and Saturday night with a DJ and bottle service. The bar is located on the famous Chippewa Street. which is packed every weekend. Everyone, please be aware and make sure Grinnell isn’t in charge of redoing the order, but maybe we can get the Whit up on stage to sing us some tunes. Beware of Dale, the owner, he’s a complete threat when he jumps behind the bar.

The best buffalo wings:

Bar Bill Tavern North – A 20 minute drive from downtown, but if you want the best wings in all of Buffalo, the trip has to be made. Now, I’m a traditionalist when it comes to wings, so I always order 10 mediums with 2 blue cheeses and a large draft of Labatt Blue Light.

Best Buffalo Wing Sub Sandwich:

Elmwood Tacos and Subs – Located just north of downtown in another bar district on Elmwood Ave. and the Buffalo Wing Submarine is a must see every time I pass through town. For the next two weeks, you can ask for Taco Mike and mention this blog and he’ll take care of you with a free soda!

Drink and enjoy:

royal crown – I have never seen a town more obsessed with a certain type of alcohol than the town of Buffalo and Crown. Find your way to the bar and ask someone if they want a 10/10 shot, they’ll say Crown and that’s a fact, regardless of gender. The city has always been like this, but I’m sure that after the Chiclets Cup weekend, Pink Whitney will try to win the title. A chilled Crown shot is the way to go.

Eating late at night:

Jim’s Steak – There are 10 spots around town, but there’s a 99% chance you’ll stumble upon the one on Chippewa Street around 4:05 a.m. after leaving the bar. This place is known for its subs, but be sure to add some tacos and the onion rings to the order, secretly the two best dishes on the menu. A former Sabers player was known to take down 2 Stingers after the bar whenever he was in town. A stinger is the best of both worlds combining a plain cheesesteak and tender buffalo chicken in a sub.

The local team:

bison sabers – The team was founded in 1970 when the NHL grew to 14 teams. They made it to two Stanley Cup finals in 1975 and 1999 losing both times as the city of Buffalo still awaits a championship. This city where the Sabers are in the playoffs and fans gather downtown to watch the games is unlike any other.

Legendary Elders: Gilbert Perreault, Rick Martin, René Robert, Lindy Ruff, Jim Lorentz, Dave Andreychuk, Dale Hawerchuk, Derek Smith, Dominik Hasek, Pat LaFontaine, Darren Puppa, Tim Connolly, Tyler Ennis, Clarke MacArthur, Ryan Miller, Nathan Paetsch, Rob Ray , Brian Gionta, Alexander Mogilny, Chris Drury and recent Spittin Chiclets guest Craig Rivet.


KeyBank Center – Capacity 19,200 – Located right downtown on the Buffalo River within a 20 minute walk to the bars and hotels of Chippewa Street. If you need a beer before or after the game, the legendary Cobblestone Bar and Grill is located just around the corner.

Murls best bet:

Buffalo Sabers Silver Line -134 Sportsbook Bar Stool

*When it gets big, I expect to see members of the $EBR team jumping through the tables on their way to the cashier!

Bonus places to eat:

Italian Chefs – The Sabers players’ pre-game meal and the order is always definitely the chicken par and ask for the side of the spaghetti to be “parmé” as well.

Pizza Nova – Order a sheet of pepperoni pizza. Sicilian style with always perfectly crispy mini pepperonis.

Ted’s hot dogs – A few foot long dogs prepared on the grill right in front of you were always amazing to see as a youngster. These dogs will be top of the list for Frank the Tank when he travels to Buffalo for Raw Dogs.

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