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For decades, The Record has been a part of one of St. Augustine’s annual holiday traditions: posting letters from local children to Santa so that he and everyone else can read them. The following letters were first published in what was called the St. Augustine Evening Record in December 1921 and were collected by Charles Tingley, senior research librarian for the St. Augustine Historical Society. The newspaper published the letters from the early 1900s to 1970s.

The following letters date from December 1921.

A puppy above all

My dear Santa Claus,

This is my first time writing you a letter, but my mom told me if I was a good boy you would bring me all kinds of cute toys. Here’s what I want: A puppy first and foremost: a bass drum, a baby Victrola, a toolbox, an electric train, a soccer ball, a cane, a bicycle, a sand dumper, cute story books , blocks, a pop-gun with a stopper, and lots of good food. Please don’t forget me.

Your little boy,

Pierre Pierce

136 King Street

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Honest confessions

Dear Santa,

I have been a bad boy this year, but I hope you forgive me and bring me a blonde doll named Marie, also brunette named Gertrude, bring a cat, candy, fruit and nuts.

From your friend,

Howard milligan

Trying to be good

Dear Santa,

Please give me a big doll, nicely dressed, a kart for all my dolls, and lots of oranges, nuts and candy. I try to be a good girl.

Of your little girl,

Maude Antoinette coachman

Fullerwood Park

PS Please put a big ball in my stocking and some dishes

Don’t forget my little nephew

Dear Santa,

Just a few lines to tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a bicycle, a storybook, candy and fruit. Father Christmas does not forget my little nephew Harold Masters. Santa now brings me what I want.


By Margaret Mickler

A doll that can walk and talk

Dear Santa,

I want a baby doll that looks like a year old, I wish she had a cute trunk full of clothes for the doll if you can find one. I would like him to walk and talk. I would like a cart with two round windows at the top. I would like pink slippers with rabbits on them. I want a bike and a pair of skates. I want a bracelet, make sure it’s gold also a ring with MLW on it. I want a whole set of “The Four Little Flowers” books. I also want a lot of stuff in my bottom. Please, Santa, give a lot to the poor everywhere. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Marguerite Windsor

Christmas is so near

Dear Santa,

As Christmas is so near, I want to let you know exactly what I would like to have. Please bring me a bugle because I can surely blow a good blow, and Lady wants me to play in the City band someday. You can bring me a good book to read and a soldier costume with legons [sic], full of goodies, don’t forget my little cousin Edith either, she wants a little tea cart.

Well, Santa Claus, all of it with a lot of love wishing you a Merry Christmas from your boyfriend.

Roscoe Pomar

PS Santa I still live at 172 San Marco Ave.

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Please bring my brother a monkey, a ball, a dog

Dear Santa,

I am a 10 year old little girl and I have three little sisters and a little brother. I would like you to bring me a nice new cape, new shoes, nice big doll, pouty doll, wallet and fix my wheel, hair ribbons and whatever you think I would like. My little sister Edith is 5 ½, she would love a velocipede and paper dolls, a new doll and whatever else you would like to bring her. My sister Lucille wants the same as Edith, but she also wants a cape and little Naomi is only 2 she wants a doll that will say mum, and she wants a broom, and lots of cute things and Ambrose does At that 1 year old you can bring him blocks, a monkey, a ball, a dog and a small sweater from the Smith baby store. Please bring lots of oranges, nuts, apples, bananas, sweet tangerines, horns for all of us.

From one of your little girls,

Mary estell colee

52 central avenue

PS Dear Santa, don’t forget that I don’t live in the same place anymore. I live at 52 Central. I’ll leave the front door open for you.

I remain your little girl

Dear Santa,

Could you bring me a doll, a kart, a small truck, two tablets, two pencils and some pretty fruit so that my mum and dad also have something to enjoy, thanking you dear Santa, I’m staying your little girl,

Marie-Louise Lopez

For one for a lonely little girl

Dear Santa,

I am a 4 1/2 year old little girl. I live on the island of Anastasia, at the big lighthouse. I don’t have little girls to play with, so please Santi come and bring me some toys for my Christmas, a kids cart, a doll cart, a big doll bed, nuts and sweets. I’m going to hang my stocking in the southeast fireplace of our house and my daddy will keep the big light on all Christmas night so you can find the right fireplace so please dear Santa don’t forget your lonely boyfriend.

Eloise Malloy

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I will go to school everyday

Dear Santa,

I will try to be a good little boy and go to school every day until Christmas so please bring me these few things, a paint set, a ball and a glove, a storybook, a jigger and all that is good for a 6 year old boy. Don’t forget my candy and bring Nellie a ball.

Goodbye Santa Claus,

Robert M. Shugart Jr.

123, avenue Saint-Marc.

A cowboy costume and a toolbox

Dear Santa,

I am a little boy, 8 years old. And I want you to bring me a cowboy costume and a toolbox, and nuts and candy. That will be all for this year.

Yours sincerely,

Cicle David

i don’t want much

Dear Santa,

As Christmas will be here soon, I’ll tell you what I want. I don’t want much because I have a bike all ready so you can bring me a big soccer ball and a raincoat to wear to school and please bring me a lot of marbles so I can play with the other boys. Don’t forget that I live on the other end of the phone with my grandmother.

By Bertram Rogero

Long to be good

Dear Santa,

Mom says it’s been a year since I wrote to you, long to keep little boys nice (we tried to be). So please Santa Claus brings us each a cowboy costume, a fire truck, a Sandy Andy, several story books, marbles, a ball, a knife, games and whatever. you think we might like. Our brother James only wants an electric train, and brings our little sister several dolls and Oh! Santa, I can’t start telling you everything she wants, so just bring her everything a little girl should have.

Your little boys,

Jack and Paul Capo

Will have the tree ready

Dear Santa,

My name is Mary Catherine Murphy and I am 5 years old. I have a little sister and her name is Virginia Murphy and she is 3 years old. I can’t read or write so I asked my dad to write down what I say. We try so hard to be good and if you have room on your sled, please bring us a potato wagon, it’s a goat; a yellow ribbon for Moses, our dog; and a blue ribbon for Joe the cat. I would like a doll please, one with a white dress, a clown doll and a jumping jack. Virginie would like a monkey, a dog, a toy house. We both love candy. Mom and dad will put the tree in the library and we will have everything ready for you, we know you are in a rush and want to remember all the good kids, so please bring all the little ones toys boys and girls who have no one to write to for them. Thank you, dear Santa Claus, God bless you.

Mary Catherine and Virginia Murphy 114 San Marco Avenue.

Will spell for Santa

Dear old Santa Claus,

I am a little girl of only 3 years old and I have been doing very well this year. I’m not going to school yet but my dad taught me how to spell my name and he says it’s a hard name to spell for a little girl like me so if you bring me what i ask for Santa, I will spell it for you when you come. Well, Santa, I want you to bring me a big cart with real hair and a Go-Kart to roll it up and a washboard and a tub and clothes pegs and a rope to hang the clothes from. cart and if you will be so nice and kind Santa Claus brings me something to my little Kitty, I won’t ask you for anything else. Well i will shut up santa claus hoping you find where i live and be careful and don’t get hurt when you come to my house.

Your boyfriend,

Juanita robinson


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