ColdQuanta Scientist Named Next Generation Leader


Judith Olson, senior physicist at quantum computing company ColdQuanta Inc., was named Next Generation Leader of the Year by the Women in IT Awards on September 21 in New York City.

According to a statement from the Women in IT Awards, “Our 2021 laureate demonstrated leadership that was instrumental in moving the team to new stages, including applying existing techniques from the development phase. research and field test. In doing so, she was able to secure funds and prizes to further develop this capacity. Judith breaks down barriers in her space, serves as a thought leader in a male dominated discipline, her work is respected and she speaks the topic to a global audience.

Olson is the backbone of ColdQuanta’s atomic clock division. Atomic clocks are a technology that reduces reliance on GPS, which is vulnerable to security threats and loss of signal. ColdQuanta strives to provide atomic clocks that enable new positioning and communication capabilities for use in industries such as aerospace and defense.

“Judith’s work continues to be vitally important to ColdQuanta and the industry as a whole,” Scott Faris, CEO of ColdQuanta, said in a statement. “His leadership was instrumental in guiding the team towards new milestones, notably by transferring existing atomic and optical techniques from the laboratory to the field. “

The Women in IT Awards also recognized Olson for her mentorship, noting that she hosts monthly events and participates in STEM tutoring and outreach events.

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