Do you have LSS? Here’s how to search for that song using the Google app


Imagine being in that place where the songs and tunes being played are so good that you can’t help but hum or sing them once in a while, even if you get the lyrics or the tune wrong.

This feeling is a classic example of Last Song Syndrome, or LSS — a situation where you can’t get a song you’ve been listening to out of your head and you keep singing or humming it over and over, according to 7esl. .

However, knowing the melody and lyrics of a song is different from actually knowing the song or melody title, which is crucial if you want to turn your LSS into a permanent record. After all, your memory can only take you so far before you start forgetting something, in this case, parts of a song’s lyrics or the flow of a melody.

Fortunately, Google has a tool that addresses this problem.

Google’s “Find a song” feature: what is it?

Google previously released a feature called “Find a Song”, which allows people with LSS like you to search for a song by humming or singing a tune directly to Google.

If you’re worried that Google can’t find the song you’re looking for using this feature because you’re deaf or don’t know the lyrics, don’t be. Google uses a machine learning algorithm that helps identify the most likely potential song matches based on the tune detected. However, it’s up to you to sift through the results returned by Google to find the song you’re looking for.

The machine learning algorithm works by matching the melody you hum or the lyrics you sing to the correct melody or fingerprint.”

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Once the algorithm detects the melody you are humming or singing, it transforms it into a sequence based on numbers. This sequence does not include other details, such as instruments and the timbre and pitch of your voice.

The algorithm then compares the sequence of numbers obtained from the song’s melody to songs around the world and identifies potential matches in real time.

How to use “Search Song”

To use this particular Google feature, you will need the latest version of the Google app or find your Google search widget on your smartphone. Once you have one open, tilt the mic icon and say “What’s that song?” or click the “Search Song” button.

This will turn your screen into a Google-themed spectrogram that moves according to the tune you hum or sing. You’ll need to hum or sing the song you want to search for for five seconds for the algorithm to work its magic.

Once the algorithm finds matches with the melody you hummed or sang, it will immediately show you the most likely results. It will be up to you to find the correct match based on Google results, but our tests show that the first result is usually correct.

The feature also works for videos or other media. Simply point your smartphone’s mic at a speaker and start playing the song on the other device to search for the song you’re looking for.

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