Draft abortion notice cannot be justified


The Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe v Wade. Get angry. Be shocked and appalled. Be saddened by the unwarranted imposition of a theocratic, racist and misogynistic example of minority domination on the body of American women.

The draft opinion, if it becomes law, cannot be justified by legal analyzes or societal norms. Rather, it is a harsh reflection of a minority religious principle that is clearly contrary to the wishes of more than two-thirds of the American public.

Since the law’s impact will hit women of color and their families the hardest, it can easily be seen as racist. And given that it will make getting an abortion much more expensive for millions of Americans, it’s also elitist. It should be obvious to no one that the ruling law would have no effect on wealthy whites.

The proposed law would allow the unwanted intrusion of state governments into the decision to carry a fetus to term, without doing anything to hold accountable the men who participated in the pregnancy. It is inherently misogynism become law, with male citizens being physically unscathed, while female citizens are forced to give up their right to control their own bodies.

It is authoritarian, making it possible to criminally prosecute people for exercising autonomy over their own bodies. The big government will monitor women’s conception, menstruation, miscarriages and births. In several states, nothing related to birth will remain private.

Rape victims are already being tortured by the backlog of rape kits plaguing states. Now they will also have to bear the children of rapists who remain free due to the government’s wrong priorities, which once again will obscure the concerns of women at the bottom of the line.

After delivery, pro-delivery workers will consider their job done and the government’s job as well. They generally do not support government assistance with food, shelter, education, or health care for children; or fair wages for parents to support a child. Thus, after forcing the creation of a child, birth proponents do not care whether that same child remains hungry or homeless.

The draft opinion states that the right to privacy is not mentioned in the Constitution, therefore, it cannot exist as a constitutional right in support of Roe. This flawed justification for abusing women is heartless and crumbles to dust in view of everyone’s right to equal protection under the 14th Amendment.

The abortion issue has long been a tool of Republican politicians to rally low-income voters to do the bidding for the Republican Party’s true voters, wealthy whites. Although initially there was little opposition to Roe from Christian conservatives, some church leaders, such as Jerry Falwell, recognized that opposition to Roe could be used to unite Christian conservatives with political purposes. It is no coincidence that opposition to Roe came on the heels of the Nixon Southern Strategy which combined southern white nationalism and pro-natalist conservative evangelicals into an electoral bloc.

Since the mid-1970s, the Republican Party has included pro-birth planks in its platforms. And while Donald Trump’s only recent, pro-birthday stance is merely strategic and inauthentic, he installed three Supreme Court justices who still planned to overthrow Roe, despite their spurious testimony before Congress.

Having given false testimony before Congress under oath and installed two of the justices because of Mitch McConnell’s chicanery, the chain of lies extends from Republican leaders to the judges who, ironically, view their common position as moral. In fact, there is no political or legal basis for those who promote a narrow religious principle in violation of the First Amendment. So what to do?

If a House or Senate candidate does not support a woman’s reproductive rights, they should be dismissed as anti-woman and anti-democracy. No president should serve the one who has turned his back on women’s rights. No one should be elected to a state legislature if they don’t respect women’s health.

In our efforts to correct the flawed edict, we must unite to reject Republicans who stand in the way of federal, statutory protection of reproductive rights. We must unite to stop the tide of minority and authoritarian rule that includes voter suppression. Raise your voice now and let your November 8 ballot show your dedication to democracy, majority rule and the law that reflects the true will of the people.

Because as are women’s rights, so are everyone’s rights to be taken over by the whims of the minority unless we fight back.

Robert Schwaninger lives in Alton and can be reached at [email protected]


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