Eurovision Song Contest 2023 announces big changes to voting system


The Eurovision Song Contest has announced major voting changes for the 2023 edition, with more power given to viewers in the semi-finals and around the world.

Next year’s Eurovision is set to be hosted in Liverpool, with the UK overseeing the competition on behalf of this year’s winners, Ukraine, amid the Russian invasion of the country.

Another big shake-up will come with the voting, with the countries that qualify for the grand final from the semi-finals determined only by the viewing public, rather than a combination of public and jury voting.

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On top of that, viewers in countries that aren’t participating will be able to vote in the grand final online, and while the jury’s vote will still partly determine the eventual winner, viewers around the world will be able to have their say in the sides the jury.

“Throughout its 67-year history, the Eurovision Song Contest has constantly evolved to remain relevant and exciting,” said Eurovision Executive Supervisor Martin Österdahl. “These changes recognize the immense popularity of the show by empowering the audience of the world’s largest live music event.

“In 2023, viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest alone will decide which countries make it to the grand final and, reflecting the global impact of the event, everyone who watches the show, wherever they live in the world , will be able to vote for their favorite songs.

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“By also involving juries of music professionals to decide the final result, all songs in the grand finale can be judged according to the broadest possible criteria. We can also maintain the tradition of traveling across Europe and l ‘Australia to collect points and ensure an exciting voting sequence with the winner only revealed at the very end of the show.’

Two countries that will definitely not compete next time around are Montenegro and North Macedonia amid higher entry costs after Russia were knocked out.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will take place in May.


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