Fans are trying to guess what song Eddie Munson is playing


Since its official release on Netflix last month, fans have been quick to check out the new global sci-fi/horror hit series. Strange things. However, they’re already looking to sink their teeth into the second volume (which airs July 1) in every way they can, trying to decipher what could possibly be in store for them.

Could someone be killed? Will the town of Hawkins be safe? Who knows. However, the important question for many fans is what song Eddie Munson could be playing on his guitar while standing on some sort of desolate roof/cliff in the trailer?

And of course (mini spoilers ahead!) we now know that that moment featured in the preview – which showed footage from volumes one and two – is yet to come, as it hasn’t appeared in the episodes yet. went out.

So, in their sleuthing hats, fans watch the chords our lovable metalhead play carefully and ask the guitarists to use their knowledge to guess what the song might be.

Just like Kate Bush Run up that hill, we also think the track could serve as a crucial plot device, but we’ll spare you any further details on that for those who haven’t caught up to the first handful of episodes yet.

Anyway, the best guesses are the 1986 European anthem The final tally – mainly the guitar solo – which, in fact, was released the same year as this new season. However, some fans aren’t too sure about this theory, based on it being outlandish and not quite the sort of thing they imagine our Dio-patch sporting OG metalhead Eddie to be a fan of.

A TikTok guitarist, @charlie.harris06, took it a step further and analyzed Eddie’s hand placement on the guitar. “Many people guessed that it was The final Countdown of the F# power chord he’s playing here,” he says. “But the solo doesn’t quite match up.”

Other guesses are the opening riff of Guns ‘N Roses’ Sweet Child O Minereleased a year earlier in 1987, as well as Metallica’s thrasher in 1986 Puppeteer. Another fan theorizes that it might actually be a song Eddie wrote himself?

Our good friends at Guitar World also think the song might be Puppeteerwith editor Michael Astley-Brown remarking on Eddie’s hand positioning: “the thing in the neck is the right position for this solo”.

Either way, we know this is going to create a powerful moment and July can’t come soon enough.

Check out some theories below:

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