Fans of Love Island’s Chloe Burrows Think She Inspired Kanye West’s New Song


Sometimes a random crossover of celebrities happens, which takes us slightly by surprise – but Kanye West and the island of loveChloe Burrows from are *not* two names we thought we’d say together in one sentence.

However, it turns out fans have found a rather unexpected connection between the two, thanks to a bizarre theory that Chloe actually inspired Kanye’s new song. Yes, I told you it was random.

The startling theory arose after the release of Ye’s new song “Eazy” – a collaboration with The Game for Kanye’s upcoming album 2. “Eazy” has already made headlines due to Kanye’s lyrics calling out ex Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, by name. And now the fans are back with a slightly more subtle reading of the song.

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Aside from Pete’s lyrics, an “Eazy” line sees Kanye rapping, “How am I not bringing anything to the table when I’m at the table?” Hearing the song, the island of love fans were quick to link the lyrics to a (suspiciously similar) line from 2021 contestant Chloe Burrows.

Think back to summer and you’ll remember Liberty Island Poole discussing her relationship with Jake Cornish, Liberty telling Chloe: “The main thing is whatever I’m thinking, I know what I’m bringing to the table [sic].”

Chloe then responded with the iconic response, “You’re the fucking table,” while Liberty added, “I’m the fucking table. With the fucking fruit on it.”

Fans, of course, noticed the connection between Kanye and Chloe’s tabletop metaphors, with a Tweeter, “So nice of Kanye to sample @Chloe___Burrows on his new song”. Another joking added, “Creating culture before our eyes”.

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Meanwhile, Chloe herself even noted the similarity, Tweeter, “Honestly where is the tribute [sic]”.

Petition for a Kanye/Chloe collab, anyone?

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