Find Kellunhelk the Cracked Engineer, Danger Blade, and Berserker Device


Kellunhelk the Cracked Engineer, is a hidden boss located in the Junk Pit location in Ghost Song. Its location is off the beaten path, and the only way to fight it is to either have a ship part on you or the Curious Gizmo which you can purchase from Mabac’s shop.

Due to the nature of the fight, I recommend returning with the Curious Gizmo. This fight is a three-phase battle. Phase one, Kellunhelk will ride this giant mechanical skill, throwing smaller skulls that will settle on you and explode. Once you’ve done enough damage, you’ll move on to the second phase, which is more or less the same, except Kellunhelk is now much faster and now jumps around the room. The third phase will begin when you kill him, causing his giant skull to go mad. He doesn’t throw skull bombs, but he is much faster and more aggressive.

If you have the Hulking Fist and the Suntouch device, you can take this fight on a journey. The Hulking Fist will turn your jump attacks into fists of fury. While the Suntouch will provide a lifesteal ability. You will literally damage it and heal it at the same time.

Once you beat him, you’ll receive the Berserker Device, which increases melee damage, as well as the Danger Blade, which is in the next room after the boss. You’ll also earn “The Cracked Engineer Achievement” if you’re on PC or Xbox, or “The Cracked Engineer Trophy” on PlayStation.

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