First look at Marvel and James Bond stars in Apple’s new movie


Apple Original Films announced the release of the film Swan song December 17th, and shared a first look at the production.

The film will star Oscar winner Mahershala Ali, who appeared in The hunger Games, Moonlight, Hidden numbers and Luke Cage, as well as Glenn Close, Shang-Chi‘s Awkwafina and Adam Beach.

Swan song takes place in the near future and is told through the eyes of Cameron (Mahershala Ali), a husband and father diagnosed with a terminal illness. She is presented with a way to protect her family from grief, but it would forever change her family’s fate.

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As he tries to make a decision, he learns more about life and love than ever before. Apple says: “Swan song explores how far we will go and how much we are willing to sacrifice to make life happier for the people we love. “

Glenn Close featured in Fatal attraction, Dangerous Liaisons, guardians of the galaxy, and Damage while Awkafina is known for her roles in 8 from the ocean, Crazy Rich Asians, and Marvel’s newest addition to the Cinematic Universe Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings.

No time to die Star Naomie Harris, who stars as Eve Moneypenny in the upcoming and long-awaited Bond film, will also join Swan song.

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The screenplay was written by award-winning filmmaker Benjamin Cleary and will be produced by Anonymous Content and Concordia Studio. Ali will also be a producer on the new film.

Swan song will join Apple Original Films’ line of new films, which included Coda, Bullfinch, Emancipation, Moon Flower Killers, Macbeth’s tragedy, Sharper, and The sky is everywhere.

All of these movies will stream exclusively on AppleTV +, available for £ 4.99 per month with a seven-day free trial.

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