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The new iPhone 13 crop debuts on Friday.

Apple will present four versions of its next smartphone on September 24. Besides the standard iPhone 13, there is the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and Pro Max.

Prices start at $ 699 for the Mini and increase by $ 100 for each model, reaching $ 1,099 for the Pro Max.

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Some of the features Apple is touting for the iPhone 13 include a brighter screen, camera improvements, better battery life, and faster performance thanks to the new A15 chip.

I tried the standard iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max for about 48 hours. Here are five things I learned based on my short time with the new devices:

1. Pro cameras are really cool

The features that really stood out to me when using the iPhone 13 Pro Max were the macro photography options. When you move the camera very close to an object, which to me was a leaf with raindrops, the phone’s ultra-wide lens will automatically switch to macro view to allow detailed images up close. It’s great when you want to extract intricate details from a subject.

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2. Will we really be using cinematic video?

Another new tool for budding videographers is motion picture video, which automatically adjusts focus as you record. Here is an example featuring my two children: I took a video of my son while my daughter was sitting in the background. The camera focused on him as his background was out of focus. When he turned to look at his sister, the camera recognized him and focused on her instead. Every now and then though, if my son even moved his head slightly, the attention shifted back to him.

It’s definitely fun to use, but I’m curious if everyday users are actually going to try this or if it’s just a cool trick to try periodically.

3. Colorful iPhones look crisp

When you hear about iPhones in different colors, it’s hard not to wonder if it can look cheesy in a bright blue, pink, or gold. But what Apple has done is give these phones pops of color while maintaining a level of elegance.

The Sierra Blue from the iPhone 13 Pros is probably my favorite. It is similar to a Caroline Blue, but maybe a little darker. Pink is shown in a lighter shade, so it’s not too bright, while gold is crisp but not garish.

From left to right: iPhone 13 Pro Max in Sierra Blue, iPhone 13 in Pink, and iPhone 13 Pro in Gold.

4. These stylish iPhone 13 Pros

The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini are nice phones, but the Pro and Pro Max feel like a high-end device in terms of design. They have a textured matte back, as well as a stainless steel band all around the body of the phone. You almost don’t want to use a case because of how beautiful the phones are.

5. Battery life is good so far

I focused on the Pro Max because it has the best battery life. I took a lot of photos and videos, played games like Genshin Impact, and did other tasks as well. And there is still some battery left. It’s still too early to say how far these batteries hold up (we’ll have more on that very soon).

So should I buy one?

I currently have an iPhone 12 Mini. If I look at it strictly at the performance in between, I feel comfortable holding onto my smartphone. The differences between the 13 and my 12 Mini don’t seem marked enough where I feel like I’m getting a huge improvement in speed or performance. And even if you have an iPhone 11, iPhone XS, or XR, you should be fine.

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However, if you’ve been hanging on to an older smartphone for a while and really want to upgrade to the latest and greatest from Apple, you’ll get a great device that you can keep for a long time.

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