Flight for Life adds 2 new planes to its fleet in neighboring Waukesha County



September 24, 2021 – Waukesha Co., WI – Flight for life will add two new helicopters to its fleet in December and will keep an existing aircraft to serve as a reserve.

“The introduction of new aircraft is a critical step in expanding service to our communities,” said Leif Erickson, executive director of Flight For Life.

“As we have been using our current aircraft for 13 years, totaling over 5,000 hours, with great success, this cutting edge technology will significantly expand our capabilities and allow Flight For Life to continue to provide safe, high quality medical transportation. , customer oriented and efficient. throughout the region, including our newly announced base at the Burlington Municipal Airport.


Models EC145 C2E, the helicopters will enhance Flight For Life’s ability to serve patients in Southeastern Wisconsin. New features include an all-new state-of-the-art medical interior and upgraded avionics package with live satellite tracking, dual autopilot control system, real-time weather radar, in-flight cockpit reports and flight systems. terrain and collision avoidance.

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This enhanced avionics system also enables the Flight for Life communication center to monitor aircraft system status, such as fuel levels and fluid temperatures, in real time, helping to improve crew and patient safety. of the FFL.

The new aircraft will be capable of performing both VFR (visual) and IFR (instrument) flights, ensuring that FFL is able to navigate safely in a wider range of adverse weather conditions by taking advantage of instrument navigation tools. rather than relying solely on the visual ability of pilots. .


The increased payloads and large interiors of these new aircraft will allow FFL to support additional specialized equipment for complex transportation. At the same time, the aircraft’s small footprint will allow FFL to land safely on incident scenes.

“Our crews at Flight For Life are looking forward to December,” said Erickson. “Because the new aircraft will have cells similar to our current model, the training process will be quick and smooth, and patients will experience all the benefits of these updated aircraft as soon as possible. “

Visually, these planes also benefit from an upgrade. The new helicopters will sport a new paint scheme for the first time in nearly 30 years.

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