Future Apple Watch bracelets could be expandable to measure blood pressure


Earlier this year, there were rumors that Apple might consider introducing blood pressure monitoring on the Apple Watch. Obviously, that didn’t work, as the Apple Watch Series 7 is essentially just a marginal upgrade from its predecessor. That being said, that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t exploring the idea.

In reality, a patent discovered by AppleInsider revealed that Apple is exploring ways to bring blood pressure monitoring to the Apple Watch, and one of those ways could be in the form of an expandable Apple Watch band with an inflatable bladder .

According to the description of the patent, “A user can monitor one or more of their physiological parameters by attaching a monitoring device such as a blood pressure monitor to one of their limbs. The blood pressure monitor can include an inextensible cuff that secures an inflatable bladder against a user’s limb.

This means that users who need constant blood pressure monitoring may need to use the bracelet at any time. The upside is that it can offer more accurate readings, but the downside is that users may have fewer options when it comes to aesthetics.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 actually offers blood pressure monitoring, but it requires occasional recalibration with a real blood pressure monitor, so maybe Apple is looking for a better solution. It is said on the street that blood pressure monitoring could be a feature of the 8 Series in 2022, but it remains to be seen if it will come in the form of an inflatable and stretchy band.

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