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  • By Jason Pan / Journalist

Guitarist Liu Hsiu-chi (劉 ä¿® 齊) of indie band Bisui Group (美 秀 集團) was questioned last week by prosecutors in Taipei after police allegedly found an electronic cigarette suspected of containing cannabis extract during a ‘a road check.

Prosecutors released Liu after his interrogation on September 10. However, the case remains open, with investigators examining the result of a urine test, which would check for the presence of various drugs.

Police quote Liu as saying that he did not know there was an electronic cigarette device in his vehicle, adding that it was given to him by fans and that he was not aware of its contents.

Liu could be charged with breaking the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act (毒子 危害 防制 條例), depending on the results of the urinalysis.

Cannabis is, by law, a Category 2 narcotic, a classification that also includes opium and amphetamines.

Formed in 2016, Bisui Group is a Chiayi County-based quintet known for their retro-Taiwanese rock infused with electro-pop elements, with songs performed in Hoklo (commonly referred to as Taiwanese).

The group received positive reviews and gained a large following. The title track of their 2018 album King of light (電 火 王) won the award for Best Rock Song at the 2019 Golden Indie Music Awards.

The incident, along with several other cases of people cited for possession of cannabis, has sparked discussions among youth and advocates seeking to decriminalize cannabis in Taiwan.

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