Heardle Answer of April 28, 2022


Players struggling to solve the Heardle from April 28, 2022 can find a series of clues and the name of the song in this guide.

Heardle is a daily puzzle game that asks players to identify a song after listening to a very short clip. While fans will sometimes recognize the song of the day almost instantly, even the most avid music lover is sure to be stumped from time to time. For players who are in this situation with the Heardle Starting April 28, 2022, this guide will provide some clues as well as the precise answer.

Heardle Tips for April 28, 2022

  • Today Heardle was written and sung by an American singer-songwriter.
  • The song was originally released in 1994.
  • It was the first single from the film’s soundtrack reality hurtswith Ethan Hawke, Winona Rider and Ben Stiller.
  • It reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
  • The song earned a Grammy nomination for its performers, but they didn’t win.
  • “You say” is a recurring word in the Heardle for April 28, 2022.


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Heardle Answer of April 28, 2022

For browser game fans who may still be confused by the Heardle as of April 28, 2022, the answer can be found below the following image.

April 28 Heardle is “Stay (I’ve Missed You)” by Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories. The lyrics tell the story of a relationship that has come to an end.

Heardle: how to play

Player Heardle, music fans should go to the game’s official website and make sure their device’s volume is turned up. Players must now tap the play button at the bottom of the screen to hear a one-second snippet of the song, then type in their guess and “submit.”

If this preliminary guess is correct, players will be praised for their performance and will see a countdown until the next puzzle is released. If it’s not correct, players will have access to another second of the song, which they can use to inform a new guess. This process is repeated until the player correctly names the song or uses their six guesses.

Notably, larger sections of the song are made available as music fans keep guessing, and they’ll be able to listen to a full 16 seconds of audio before making their final attempt. Additionally, players can press “skip” to avoid a guess if they are simply unable to come up with anything and need to know more.

Heardle is available for any browser.

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