Here are our top 10 moments from TXT’s visit to Jessi’s Showterview


TOMORROW X TOGETHER appeared on Jessi’s YouTube segment known as “Showterview with Jessi” to promote their latest repackaged album “The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE”. In classic Jessi fashion, it was chaotic, fun, and full of sweet moments. We have compiled 10 of our favorites.

1. When Jessi was shocked that Soobin was the leader:
An adorable Soobin who always welcomes Jessi to KBS’s “Music Bank” is the frontman of the popular boy group and Jessi was shocked when she heard about it.

2. When Jessi called Taehyun in charge of the visuals:
With the personal presentations that took place the turn of Taehyun and Jessi highlighted his incredible visuals. She further clarified her statement by saying that everyone has different preferences, making Taehyun smile.

3. When Jessi found out Beomgyu was good at answering:
Beomgyu claimed not to cry easily, which caused the group to bicker and Jessi to want them to stop.

4. When Jessi learned about the birthday year of Huening Kai and Taehyun:
At 32 (international age) Jessi felt too old in front of Huening Kai and Taehyun who were born in 2002.

5. When Jessi was asked to guess what the name of TXT’s song was not:
In one game, Jessi was asked to guess what the band’s song wasn’t, finding out how notoriously famous they are for having really long song names.

6. When they have played ‘LOSER = LOVER’:
The mic choreography of the group’s latest title track “LOSER = LOVER” was on display, only affirming their status as 4th generation K-pop stars.

7. When Jessi asked Yeonjun to try writing a letter in a sexy style:
While writing a letter to their fans, MOA Yeonjun chose to bring out her sexy size, making everyone laugh.

8. When Taehyun chose ‘Jessi style’ as his theme:
Taehyun chose to write in Jessi’s style, purposely exaggerating her statements, causing Jessi to call her adorably.

9. When Jessi stressed the importance of health and apologized to her fans:
Presenting a personalized cake to celebrate their return, the senior artist reminded the group to always stay healthy.

10. When Soobin thanked Jessi for always being nice to him:
One of the sweetest closing statements came from Soobin who expressed his gratitude and admiration to Jessi for always being kind to him and giving him lots of advice.

We look forward to more such amazing interactions between the two artists!

Check out the interview below.

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