How to find out what song is playing near you on the Google Pixel


We’re sure you’ve ever been in a situation where you came across a tune in a pub, restaurant or even at a friend’s house and wondered, “What song is that?” Although Shazam is a popular music recognition app, it works best on iPhones since Apple owned them. However, if you have a recent Google Pixel phone, like the Pixel 7, you don’t need a separate app to recognize music playing in your surroundings. Pixel phones are equipped with a lot of AI intelligence, and one of these features allows them to identify the songs you hear around you.

Called “Now Playing,” the Pixel-exclusive option recognizes music using a database of songs stored on your phone. The automatic process never sends audio or background conversations to Google. However, if you add a button to search for songs on your lock screen, each time you press it, Google receives a short digital audio fingerprint to identify the song.

Without further ado, here’s how to find the song playing near you using your Google Pixel.

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All Google Pixel phones except the first generation Pixels have a now playing feature that recognizes the song playing near you. You can set it to automatically recognize music around you. You can also add a manual song search button to your Pixel lock screen. You’ll find the now playing options in your Pixel’s sound and vibration settings.


How to Get Song Info Automatically on Google Pixel

If you want your Google Pixel phone to automatically identify songs playing around you, you can simply change your phone settings to enable automatic song recognition. Follow the instructions below to start the process.

  • Open your Pixel Settings application.
  • Faucet sound and vibration so what Now Playing.
  • To light up Identify songs playing nearby.

For the feature to work, make sure your phone is charged and connected to Wi-Fi. You will need to wait a few minutes while your phone downloads the song database. Once the download is complete, the songs playing around you will be automatically identified and displayed on your lock screen.

How to Get Song Information on Google Pixel Manually

Sometimes you’ll come across music that your Google Pixel’s automatic song recognition feature won’t identify. This is because the library of downloaded songs that your device uses to match the music it hears is limited and does not include all available songs. That’s why Google also lets you manually search for tunes you hear around you.

As a Google Pixel user, you have the option to add a song search button to your lock screen. As we said before, this sends an audio snippet to Google for a broader search than the automatic identification process.

To add a search button to your lock screen, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Now Playing and enable the toggle for the Show search button on lock screen.

How to view historical song information

Pixel 7 History Playing

You can easily view a history of songs your phone has identified and heard. Follow the steps below to view historical song information on your Google Pixel.

  • Open your phone Settings application.
  • Faucet sound and vibration so what Now Playing. Be sure that “Show songs on lock screen” is on.
  • Faucet Reading history.

If you have listened to songs, you get a list of songs that have played around you. You can tap the song to share it or listen to it in a music app on your phone. On Pixel 3 and later, you can also choose multiple tracks to play on a music service, share, or delete from your list.

How to Manage Song Info Notifications


It’s very easy to manage and interact with the notifications you receive when your Pixel recognizes a song. To learn more about a song, you can tap the song name when it appears on your lock screen. Remember that this will only happen if you have enabled notifications for the feature.

To make sure you receive recognized music notifications, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Now Playing. There should be an “On” caption under the Notifications section. If you find that notifications are disabled, just tap the option and enable the toggle next to Recognized music notifications.

If you’re using your phone and a song is tagged near you, expand notifications at the top, then tap the song’s notification.

If you don’t want to receive song notifications at the top of your screen, you can turn them off by following the same steps above. Do not worry. The song information will always show on your lock screen.


Now Playing is not available on first generation 2016 Pixel phones. You can access it on all other Pixels.

You can add a song playing nearby to your Now Playing favorites list right from your lock screen. From your lock screen, tap the musical note next to the song title. Then a heart is added to the musical note. To remove the song from favorites, tap the music note again.

To better recognize songs, Now Playing collects certain information, such as the percentage of times Now Playing recognizes the music correctly. Now Playing only collects this information if you share usage and diagnostics with Google. In Pixel 4 and later phones, feature usage and recognized song counts are aggregated using a privacy-preserving technology called federated analytics. If you turn on the Show search button on lock screeneach time you tap to search, Google gets a short digital audio fingerprint to identify what’s playing.


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