How to Scan a Spotify Code on Your Device


Spotify codes, introduced in 2017, work similarly to QR codes. These are unique identifiers for items in the Spotify system, including songs, albums, playlists, podcasts, and profiles. By learning how to scan a Spotify code, you save time locating and accessing content.

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To scan a Spotify code, all you need to do is open your Spotify Android or iOS app. Press the Camera button in the Look for bar. Point your camera at the Spotify code you want to scan.


How to Scan Spotify Codes (Android and iOS Devices Only)

Spotify codes can be found everywhere, from bus stations to billboards to your friend’s phone. Scanning Spotify codes is only possible on Android and iOS mobile devices, not from desktop app or web player.

To scan a Spotify code from your Android or iOS device, open the Spotify app and tap the Look for toolbar tab at the bottom of the application. Press inside the Artists, songs or podcasts field to open the search function.

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Select the camera icon in the search bar to open your camera. Point your camera at any Spotify code to scan it.

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When your Spotify mobile app recognizes a Spotify code, the app automatically redirects you to the encoded content.

What is a Spotify URI code?

Spotify also has something called URI codes. These do not work the same as Spotify codes; it won’t do anything if you point your camera at a Spotify URI.

Spotify URIs are more like URL links and exist outside of Spotify. URIs are text identifiers of anything, really. In the case of Spotify, they are used to identify (and link to) the same types of items that can be found with Spotify codes. This includes music, podcasts, playlists, and profiles.

How to Find a Spotify URI Code (Desktop)

Copy Spotify screenshot desktop app URI

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To find a URI on the Spotify desktop app:

  • Open the Spotify desktop app.
  • Navigate to the content item to which you want to assign the URI code. It can be a song, album, playlist, podcast or profile.
  • Right-click this content item.
  • Move your mouse down the list of options to To share.
  • With your mouse over To sharehold down CTRL key on your keyboard (or option key for Mac users). This will make the option Copy Spotify URI appear.
  • While holding down this key, click Copy Spotify URI.


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