How to shazam a song that is already on device 2022 Tip


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Check how to shazam a song already on the device

A very useful feature has also been introduced: the ability to add the Shazam song tag to your iPhone’s Control Center. Best of all, you don’t even have to download the Shazam app to use it. With a few simple steps, you can access this feature right from your lock screen. Shazam is the song identification app that made us all feel good when we got our first smartphones. Suddenly, you could tell all your friends what song was playing at the bar just by opening an app and holding your phone up in the air. It gives full song information with artist, song name and even shows you the lyrics when the song is playing.

In a much more recent story, Apple acquired Shazam, making the app ad-free for everyone and finally bringing its awesome built-in song identifier feature to iOS; you don’t even need to download the app to use it. How to shazam a song that is already on the device. In fact, you don’t need to unlock your phone to access Shazam, which comes in handy when trying to identify a song on the radio before it’s finished. This even works for songs played through headphones. With pop shazam function, you can identify the song playing on your mobile phone. Therefore, it will be useful for users who want to recognize songs from Facebook videos in Instagram Story.

How to Shaza a song on your own device:

  • Open your Shazam app and navigate to “My Library” in the top left corner.
  • Open Settings and enable Pop-Up Shazam by tapping the slider.
  • Tap “Pop-Up Shazam is on” in your notification bar to display Pop-Up Shazam. Once you are done, play the video or song and you will get the information on your screen once Shazam recognizes the song.

Final Words: How to Shazaminate a Song That’s Already on the Device

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