How to use a song as an alarm clock on an iPhone


IPhone comes with ringtones to use as an alarm clock, but setting a song instead can help wake up feeling refreshed and in a good mood.

The sound of an alarm clock is the most iPhone users hear in the morning when they use their Apple device to wake up and start their day. While the default “Radar” ringtone may bring comfort to purists who have used iPhones for a long time, others may want to revive their sleepy psyches with an upbeat rock anthem like The White Stripes’ “Army of Seven Countries,“or Seal’s calming interpretation of”Kiss of a rose.“Whatever the choice of melody, it can be a nice change to wake up to a song rather than a generic alert sound.

There are two ways to set up an alarm clock on an iPhone. The Clock app is the obvious choice for quick and easy alarms that are fairly easy to schedule and change. There is also the Sleep section of the iPhone Health app for users who run their devices on iOS 15 and like to track their sleep schedule. However, the alarm options are limited to just nine sound choices. For people who want to know what it feels like to wake up “Circle of life” from The Lion King in the place of “Up early,“Morning alarms must be set through the Clock app.


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To set a new alarm using a song as a ringtone, launch the Clock app. Press the + in the upper right corner of the screen to “Add an alarm”. After setting the time, ‘Repeat’ schedule and alarm ‘Label’, faucet ‘Ring.’ Users who have already downloaded songs to their device through iPhone music library should find some suggestions to use under ‘Songs’ or an option to choose one. Faucet “Choose a song” to get to the library and find a trail to wake up. Tap the + sign next to the song title to add it to the alarm. To know if the change was successful, the new song track should have a check mark next to it under the alarm sound options.

Buy songs from the iTunes Store

If none of the tracks available in the library are suitable, there is an option to purchase individual songs from the iTunes Store. Open the iTunes Store and tap ‘Tones’ Where ‘Music.’ Faucet ‘To look for’ to search for specific song titles (include artist name for better accuracy), tap the album cover to the left of the song title to sample the audio, then tap the price to purchase the track. An Apple Music subscription is not required to use songs as ringtones, but people may want to take advantage of the “Get 3 months free” option when they see the button on an album page to test songs that work well as a wake-up alert. To continue with a single song purchase, users may need to confirm with Face ID to complete payment for the song. Press on ‘Clock’ in the upper left corner of the page to return to the alarm clock sound settings and choose “Choose a song” again. Tap the newly purchased song, which should now be in Library, and tap the + next to it to set it as a ringtone. The song will continue to play as a sample until the user hits ‘Return’ in the upper left corner of the page to return to the Add an alarm screen. Finally, press ‘To safeguard.’

Users can also edit existing alarms by pressing ‘Edit’ in the upper left corner of the alarm screen and choose one to edit. Press on ‘Ring’ to skip to a song track and follow the same steps to choose a song or purchase a new one through the Tone Store. When you are satisfied with the changes you have made, press ‘To safeguard.’ Users can set up multiple alarm clocks using different songs – just assign one for each day by tapping the alarm ‘Repeat’ option and choosing which alarms to use on which days.

For those who use the Sleep Schedule feature of the Health app to monitor and improve their sleep quality and have a Sleep | Wake-up alarm active, it must be deactivated for the Clock application’s wake-up alarms to work. Faucet ‘Change’ next to the sleep alarm and toggle the “Alarm clock” deactivate under Alarm options. Finally, press “Modify this program” to adjust the iPhone functionality at ‘No alarm.’

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