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With smart watch capabilities like all-day SpO2 monitoring, a large display and two-week battery are connected through Huawei Health on an affordable smart bracelet.

Back then, smartwatches and smart bracelets were two completely different products. While one brought all the intelligence, interactivity, and functionality, the latter was a simple portable device with no screen and just a vibration or two to act as alerts.

While these fitness or smart bracelets have been used for tracking purposes, they have never been full-fledged when it comes to user interactivity, usually limited to smartphone apps or at most minimal display. and monochrome. Not anymore, Huawei brings together all the capabilities of a smart watch in one smart group, Huawei Band 6.

For example, let’s take a look at what smart bands are known for. As mentioned before, they’re smaller, not really big on screens, and mostly focus on notifications and health alerts, while relying on an app to show it all.

With the new HUAWEI Band 6 you get it all, but with the added smartwatch bonuses like design and functionality at the more affordable smart bracelet price.

In terms of health indicators for example, the HUAWEI Band 6 is able to constantly monitor your blood oxygen level (SpO2). An important health indicator, a drop in an individual’s SpO2 levels can lead to fatigue, while prolonged lower levels are more detrimental.

What Huawei is doing here is that instead of asking users to scan their SpO2 levels when they are feeling down, the HUAWEI Band 6 monitors it all day in the background and even alerts the wearer to it. there are drops.

Health monitoring does not stop there, as the HUAWEI Band 6 integrates all of Huawei’s powerful health monitoring systems, which enable precise heart rate monitoring with HUAWEI TruSeenTM 4.0, HUAWEI TruSleepTM for precise tracking and HUAWEI TruRelaxTM for stress measurement and management.

Health and fitness tracking is what smart bracelets are supposed to do, however, what people don’t expect from a smart bracelet is actually its display, which most people lack. variants.

With the HUAWEI Band 6, you get a full-fledged 1.47 “AMOLED display with a bezel-less design and 42% screen-to-body ratio, which means the overall experience is more immersive than ever. This display Not only offers a more interactive experience similar to smartwatches, but also gives the overall look of a watch.

Huawei also delivers on its long battery life promise with the HUAWEI Band 6, implementing two full weeks of use on a single charge with all health and fitness features running.

One thing that is constant with smart bracelets and trackers is the focus on fitness monitoring and tracking data to gauge progress. The HUAWEI Band 6 is no stranger to this either, capable of tracking up to 96 workout modes which are automatically detected and tracked to get the most accurate data.

This is complemented by the HUAWEI TruSportTM algorithm, which analyzes in depth the user’s exercise capabilities based on heart rate variability and exercise data and provides detailed assessments such as intake levels. oxygen, recovery time and training effects.

All of these pair well with the HUAWEI Health app, which can be used to view all data, view breathing exercises, set goals and monitor progress, and even set smart alarms and event reminders.

What really sets the HUAWEI Band 6 apart is the way it takes inspiration from the evolution of smartphones and smartwatches, resulting in a device that not only provides all the stellar features one would expect of it. ‘a full-fledged smartwatch, but offers everything at the cost of a smart bracelet, thus changing the game for the product line.

Huawei Band 6 is available for GHS359 at the Huawei Experience Store Accra Mall and other accredited retail stores.

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