Is the bracelet a Nega-Band from the Kree Empire?


Warning: this article contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel. Read at your own risk!

The origin of the bracelet that activated Kamala Khan’s powers is finally revealed in Ms. Marvel Episode 3 and no, it didn’t belong to Aisha all along, they only found it in the rubble of a temple with a severed blue hand. Does that mean it’s a nega group and comes from a member of the Kree Empire?

Ms. Marvel: Is the Bangle a Nega-Band of the Kree Empire?

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Ms. Marvel: Is The Bangle A Kree Empire Nega-Band?

In Ms. Marvel Episode 3, Destined, Najma tells Kamala about Aisha and their being in a different dimension called Noor, which means light. Everyone in the Noor dimension has the power of light but for them they cannot use it in the dimension where they and Kamala are currently.

They found the bracelet on a severed blue arm in the rubble of a temple and it was Aisha who confirmed that the bracelet was what they needed to return home to their dimension, but they needed two and only one was there. However, they were cornered by the British, so they had to flee, and Aisha was separated from the others. It was the last time she was seen.

Unknown to Najma at the time, Aisha felt the same surge of energy that Kamala had when she wore the bracelet. Najma tells Kamala that she needs the bracelet, but Kamala didn’t know if she should give it up, so she said she needs time. However, later in the episode it was revealed that Najma didn’t ask at all and they forcibly tried to take him from Kamala but failed.

Again, the theory goes that the bracelet may actually be a quantum band or a negative band. Anyway, both are from the Kree Empire. The powers of the quantum band are dependent on the wearer which comes from the energy of the quantum zone such as the abilities of Kamala or to do hard light while the nega band mimics that of a quantum band.

It may already be a gift, but the severed hand may actually belong to a member of the Kree empire who are known to be blue-skinned creatures like Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1.

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Ms. Marvel: How is the series connected to Captain Marvel?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Ms. Marvel: How is the series related to Captain Marvel?

It’s simple, Captain Marvel got her powers from Dr Lawson, a Kree hero who worked on Earth and it was the explosion of a Kree device that gave Carol Danvers the powers she has today . At first she lost her memory, but it was also the Kree who used her and inducted her into the Starforce fighting the Skrulls.

This Kree connection may be the bridge on how Ms. Marvel would fit in the second installment of Captain Marvel, The Marvels where Kamala Khan would be in the same movie as her idol, Carol Danvers, and Monica Rambeau who recently got her powers in Wanda Vision and would perhaps be called Photon.

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