Jade Thirlwall on the song Little Mix which brings back “bad memories”


Jade Thirlwall explained which song from Little Mix brings back “bad memories”, and it all has to do with her past time The X factor.

Revealing what Little Mix dance moves she’d like to get rid of, Jade told Smallzy’s Celebrity Small Talk, “Probably the ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ [dance moves], the ex bit with his hands “(via The mirror).

As for the season she doesn’t like the dance move for, Jade went on to explain that it’s because it reminds her of her original. X factor audition, with the singer trying for the show in 2008 and then in 2011 when Little Mix was formed.

She explained, “I understand, but it reminds me of when I auditioned for X factor and the cameramen were like, ‘Do that with your arms and say, I’ve got the X Factor.’ It reminds me of bad memories. “

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Thinking back on their time on the show, Jade admitted that she and her fellow bandmates Little Mix still haven’t looked back on all of their alumni. X factor appearances.

“I think it would be pretty hilarious to see all of our X factor performances, because there are some horrible ones and some really horrible outfits, ”she continued.

Still, Jade went on to say that she felt “very lucky” that Little Mix is ​​doing well 10 years after their appearance on the show, explaining:

“I feel like when we first got together I felt like it was big, and it was special, and it was going to be successful. But I don’t know if I thought that we’d be doing that again in 10 years, and still be very happy together and enjoy the process. Not many pop artists can say that, so we feel very lucky. “

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Little Mix has already spoken about his experience on The X factor, before launching their own show The research.

Discuss lessons learned during The X factor, Jade revealed: “Follow-up is essential – it’s the difference between wanting to come back on stage.”

“Whether they are successful or not, our team is calling them for a while to see how they are doing. We will be supporting everyone because we had a similar experience and probably could have had a little more support throughout. the way, “she explained in an interview with The mirror.

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