John Legend, Lenny Kravitz and more to take part in Harry Belafonte’s 95th birthday ceremony at Town Hall


A star-studded lineup will celebrate the 95th birthday of legendary singer, songwriter, activist and actor Harry Belafonte. The benefit evening (HB95) will also feature the first Harry Belafonte Social Justice Awards in honor of the 10th anniversary of, the social justice organization co-founded by Mr. Belafonte.

HB95 will take place March 1, 2022 at City Hall (123 W. 43rd Street) at 7:00 p.m. ET.

The evening will include musical performances, video tributes and testimonials from civil rights and racial justice leaders, elected officials, musicians, actors and more. Aloe Blacc, John Legend, The Belafonte Alumni Band, Laurence Fishburne, Doug E Fresh, Danny Glover, Amy Goodman, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Moore, Q-Tip, Tim Robbins, Rev. Al Sharpton, Bryan Stevenson, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Jesse Williams and Alfre Woodward are among the confirmed contestants.

This year’s inaugural Harry Belafonte Social Justice Awards were created to recognize the broad scope of Mr. Belafonte’s contribution to social justice and American history. For their unwavering commitment to justice, the recipients are Angela Davis, Rashad Robinson, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Dr. Cornel West, Darren Walker, Hank Willis Thomas, former Attorney General Eric Holder and Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

In addition to the live performances, Mr. Belafonte’s memorable film, television and humanitarian career will be showcased through archival footage as well as testimonials from some of today’s most popular and celebrated performers, activists and performers. today.

Proceeds from this evening will benefit and many of its programs, including an innovative virtual/alternative reality technology and arts reintegration program created to impact the ability of returning citizens to develop skills. essential foundations for a successful and sustainable transition to community. This scientifically validated art-based program with virtual reality has been used to create breakthrough treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder and shows promise in treating many other mental health conditions.

Harry Belafonte said: “I am honored that so many people are coming together to celebrate my birthday, my life and my legacy. I founded alongside my daughter Gina and Raoul Roach to create additional space for artists and allies to collaborate to achieve artistic experience approaching the needs of our disenfranchised communities…to use art as a tool to educate messages of hope and to encourage and energize the public to engage One heart, one mind, one soul.

“We are honored to host Harry Belafonte’s 95th birthday as part of our centenary season,” said City Hall Artistic Director Melay Araya. “Like his mentors Paul Robeson and Langston Hughes, and his contemporaries Coretta Scott King and Fannie Lou Hamer, Mr. Belafonte has taken to the stage many times over the past 70 years to support the movements in which he participated and led. is our hope that the celebration of his life and work will inspire those present to use their talents in the service of others.”

Gina Belafonte, Executive Director of, said, “Artists are the keepers of truth, the radical voice of civilization. Without art, we have nothing. uses the arts as a tool to engage people in action. father on his 95th birthday and celebrate his legacy.”

“We are happy to celebrate this milestone birthday of the iconic Harry Belafonte. As a legendary artist and activist, he is an inspiration to us all. It is also beautiful to see Gina continue the important work of to positively impact future generations,” Bridgid and Don Cheadle said of the occasion.

Actress and campaigner Alfre Woodard said: “HB95 is a celebration of Harry Belafonte’s bold, insistent and joyous journey towards justice. is the vehicle he gave to generations to continue this journey.

Although this is its first public fundraising event, has created and produced innovative and cutting-edge programs over the past decade. The organization is committed to rooting out systemic violence, working tirelessly for the adoption of restorative justice initiatives, and advocating for meaningful immigration reforms and a decent minimum wage.

Tickets, ranging from $47.50 to $125, are available by visiting:

The town hall is committed to providing healthy and safe facilities for the public, artists and staff. Based on CDC and state guidelines at the time of performance, protocols may include mask application, increased cleaning and ventilation/filtration enhancements, vaccination or checking for negative tests, and Moreover. These are subject to change. Ticket holders who do not follow site policies will not be admitted.


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