KBS Music Bank becomes first K-pop show to bring back live audiences, fans delighted


K-pop is finally making it possible for a live audience for fans to see their favorite idols perform live on music shows. Music shows are an integral part of K-pop promotions as they allow artists to showcase their new releases on television. It sparks a good-humored competition as fans vote and the song with the most points wins. It’s an easy way for K-pop artists to promote their songs to the general public. It also allows fans to watch their favorites perform live outside of concerts. But due to the pandemic no live audiences were allowed but that seems to be changing thanks to KBS Music Bank.

Concert tickets are universally expensive and do not allow many fans to see their favorite artists perform in person. Music shows are free and on a first come, first served basis. The idols also interact with fans before and after the performance. It also creates a good synergy as the sideburns create an exciting atmosphere. While the lockdown didn’t slow down the K-pop industry, it canceled all live performances.

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KBS authorizes live audiences for its music programs

But thanks to South Korea’s swift and efficient handling of the pandemic, fans can once again watch the artists perform live. We have several K-pop groups that are presenting offline gigs again, from BTS to Monsta X and TWICE. Even fan meetings, awards shows, and music festivals allow people to attend in person. Well, KBS has become the latest to allow a live audience. The broadcast channel announced on November 4 that it would allow people to attend their music programs like Music Bank, “Open Concert”, “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” and “Immortal Song”. On top of that, even their year-end Gayo festival will have a live audience.

KBS revealed that they will allow a live audience with strict social distancing from the “Open Concert” program in mid-November. Subsequently, other musical programs such as Music Bank will also be open to the general public. If no other channel makes a similar decision during this time, Music Bank will become the first music show to allow fans to watch K-pop artists perform live. It’s a turning point for rookie groups and idols who debuted in 2020 and have yet to get to perform in front of a live audience. Fans of these bands are especially eager to see them live.

One fan shared, “Aw, I’m happy for the rookies performing this month and beyond. It must be nerve-wracking as a lot of them performed without an audience, but hopefully ‘They are all doing a good job. Another fan added, “Glad to regain some sense of normalcy.” Without confirmation, whether or not fanchants are allowed, one hopeful fan shared: “We’ll hear again the fanchant. “

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