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Band: Leadbetter Band; Musicians: Eric Leadbetter: Vocals and guitars; Patrick Pearsall: bass; and Dylan Bernal: drums; Guests: Stephanie Slade: vocals on “Time Waits” and “Find Your Love Again”; Pete Kartsounes: Vocals and harmonica on ‘On the Road’; and Mark Johnson: Keys to ‘Waterdogs’

Album: ‘Hurler;’ Released: September 17, 2021; Producer: Eric Leadbetter

Creating complex and deep songs that challenge people’s mindsets and beliefs, while comforting and inspiring their overall emotions, is a powerful way for musicians to connect with their listeners. Singer-songwriter-guitarist Eric Leadbetter does just that with his Bend, Oregon-based hard rock band, Leadbetter Band. Along with fellow instrumentalists, Patrick Pearsall and Dylan Bernal, the trio created 11 original tracks for their recent psychedelic progressive rock / blues album, “Howl”.

The band showcase their powerful chemistry, which is rooted in heavy rock-n-roll, on the record, which is a collection of some of Leadbetter’s favorite original songs. Howl’s entries, which feature amplified grooves and a classic southern tone, are inspired by the music that influences the band’s frontman in his personal scribe process, from Chris Cornell to Black Crowes and Stone Temple Pilots.

Leadbetter Band’s new LP begins with the hard rock entry, “Waterdogs,” which features classic rock, dynamic guitar riffs, a screaming organ and compelling drum beats. The instrumentals drive Leadbetter’s psychedelic vocals, which creates a gritty vibe for the rest of the tracks on the album.

One of the best entries on ‘Howl’ is their fourth song, ‘Time Waits’, which shows the trio’s natural ability to go from classic rock sound to a mix of contemporary blues-inspired vocals and slower tempo. on guitar and drums. . The track is sentimental and reflective on life, as the leader of the group warns his listeners that youth is lost to young people, as time ultimately proves in everyone’s life that they are waiting for no one. While Leadbetter also cautions the song’s audience to appreciate the time they have and not let anything hold them back in an emotional voice, the song proves the band can thrive in a more stripped-down acoustic setting as well.

The trio’s latest album continues their hit blues vibe with their sixth entry, “On the Road,” which is driven by stellar classical guitar riffs. Throughout the song, the Leadbetter Band lead singer encourages audiences to stop burying their dreams and pursue their passion. The track uptempo is a great inspiration for the band’s listeners to lead the life they want and feel at home in the place they choose to settle.

Another notable entry on “Howl” is her tenth track, “Find Your Love Again”. The melody is brought to life by a thrilling mix of rock guitar riffs and drum rhythms that make it a remarkable piece to perform live. The intriguing instrumental mix supports the lyrics’s powerful message that even when people feel like they’re losing control, they can count on the people they love for support.

Leadbetter Band’s new record ends with the psychedelic rock entry, “The Hammer”. Backed up by rough guitar riffs, the song is a powerful reminder that while some people continually try to use the metaphorical tool to shatter their societal woes, their dreams that might never be realized. The trail is a powerful contemplation on the struggle people face to achieve their goals.

Leadbetter Band powerfully connects with their listeners with their recently released psychedelic progressive rock / blues LP. The leader of the trio has written 11 stellar and deep songs that challenge people’s mindsets and beliefs, while comforting and inspiring their overall emotions, for “Howl”. From the blues-inspired rock song “Time Waits” to “Find Your Love Again,” the group’s latest collection of songs is a powerful reminder to listeners to follow paths in life that make people happy and fulfilled.

For more information on Leadbetter Band, visit their official website, Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Instagram pages.

The cover art for Leadbetter Band’s psychedelic, progressive rock album “Howl”.


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