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Weekly Spotify Playlist:

Jacob’s Choices

  1. Kanye West, Chris Martin – Homecoming
  2. Kanye West, Rick Ross – The Devil in a New Dress
  3. WZRD – Live and Learn
  4. Lingua Ignota – I WHO BEND THE BIG FAT

Legendary rapper and artist Kanye West is set to perform his fourth and hopefully last night of “Donda” listening on August 26 at Soldier Field. “Homecoming” is the perfect song to celebrate West’s return to Chicago to perform in the city he calls home. “Homecoming” is quite simply a classic; West’s pun and flow are energizing. Singer-songwriter Chris Martin delivers a catchy and instantly recognizable piano track with a sensational chorus. With additional Chicago-centric lyrics, it’s the perfect song to celebrate the Windy City.

“Devil In A New Dress” presents West at one of its highest artistic heights. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” broke boundaries not only in rap but in music as a whole, and songs like “Devil In A New Dress” continue to prove that point 11 years later. Producers Bink and Mike Dean do wonders on the instrumental alongside West’s unmatched bravado with a stellar feature from rapper Rick Ross to create an instant masterpiece.

Alternative rock duo WZRD compile the musical efforts of rapper Kid Cudi and his trusted producer Dot da Genius. “Live & Learn” succeeds thanks to Cudi’s naturally flowing voice with heartwarming guitar and bass work. You cannot listen to this song once.

At this point, it should be undeniable that singer and multi-instrumentalist Kristin Hayter, also known as Lingua Ignota, is one of the most talented people working in music right now. “I WHO BEND THE BIG FAT” is as devastating as it is cathartic. Hayter’s voice is angelic, tortured and deeply emotional. The organ at the center of the instrumental is as grandiose as Hayter’s vocal performance and lyrical themes. Hayter’s music has always been a demanding experience for listeners. “I WHO BEND THE TALL GRASSES” doesn’t change that notion – the track only reinforces that statement and what makes its musical endeavors special.

Madelaine’s choices

  1. Joe Vann – “Indoor plants”
  2. Alexandra Sauveur – “Numbers”
  3. Boyscott – “Lake House”
  4. Yumi Zouma – “Depths (Pt. II)”

Joe Vann, full name Joey Vannucchi, is an alternative folk artist, songwriter, and producer from California. Earlier this year, Vann released his first solo LP, “Found In The Smoke”, which includes “Houseplants”. Vann is also the singer of the indie alternative band From Indian Lakes, formed in 2009. The lyrics of this song are filled with images and flow together effortlessly. The catchy rhythm and the perfect harmonies are the best features of the song.

Alternative freelance singer-songwriter Alexandra Savior is gravely underestimated. Savior worked with other artists, including Alex Turner, lead singer of Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets, on her 2017 debut album “Belladonna of Sadness”. Turner contributed to the album “Belladonna of Sadness” on production, bass, guitars, keyboards and synth. This is obvious to anyone who has listened to Arctic Monkeys, as Savior’s song contains the same unique bass and piano techniques. Although similar, Sauveur adds its own twist. Her voice has a beautifully haunting sound that adds something unique to Turner inspired bass and piano.

Surf rock-pop group Boyscott’s “Lake House” comes from their album “Goose Bumps”. Their sound and album covers remind me of what summer camp looks like as a kid. The song doesn’t have a lot of lyrics. The instrumental aspect is the main component of the song, while the occasional vocals are more of an addition. While the lyrics are a little sad, the overall sound is upbeat and even a little relaxing.

Yumi Zouma is a New Zealand alternative pop group. “Depths (Pt. II)” comes from the band’s second album “Willowbank”. The whole album is awesome. The first track is “Depths (Pt. I)” while the last track is “Depths (Pt. II)”, which makes it easy to replay the album in a seamless continuous loop. Lead singer Christie Simpson’s voice is hushed and light, almost like she’s having a conversation rather than singing. The overall sound is melancholy and mellow.



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