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“It wasn’t like a planned thing, it’s just what they listen to,” she said. “It’s a song they would probably ask to have on a warm-up tape that we absolutely wouldn’t play. These music warm-up tapes can get sticky, it’s difficult. What stimulates them we rarely get to play, so we end up going back to other times and decades because it’s really hard to find relevant music. It’s just difficult.

Madison County athletic director Mike Sacra agreed.

“I think they were partying and they used the wrong choice of song,” he said. “We’re going to educate them and make them better men. “

School officials acted quickly and reported the incident to the Virginia High School League. Additionally, Sacra took written statements from the players involved to determine if there was any malice in the comments.

“When we looked at each statement, there was really consistency between what the kids were saying, but no intention in their hearts to directly insult someone racially,” Wynham said. “I think what failed was the choice of song, it was obviously not a good choice, but also, the excerpt from the song that was filmed. If you look at it in isolation, it could be very offensive. But we have to be able to help the kids understand that, because as far as I mean they’re kids and you can separate whatever they say, but I got into that for kids. That’s what I’m here for and to help them.


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