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What is the “bridge song” that new Tool listeners should listen to before anything else? Answers from Maynard James Keenan

Tool has huge success around the world, and it’s hard to believe that there is a rock fan who hasn’t heard songs like “Sober” and “Schism”. If you’ve never heard Tool music before, singer Maynard James Keenan has a suggestion, as he recently named Tool’s song that new listeners should listen to before anything else.

Tool debuted in the 1990s, so you’d think Keenan’s choice would be one of Tool’s first songs, but it isn’t. In a new interview with BBC Radio 1 Rock Show host Daniel P. Carter, Keenen revealed that potential new fans should start with “The Pot” from the band’s 2006 album, “10,000 Days.”

“To me, this is one of the examples of a part of our earlier energy blending in perfectly with our more mature energy and a nod to our influences over the year,” Keenan said in the ‘episode. “I feel like we’re really having a hard time making sure the four of us shine the best we can in whatever we do, until exhaustion. But I feel like the one “This is one of those who felt, not effortlessly, but fresh and consciously consciously effortless, if that makes sense? He just captures that vibe I think.”

He continued, “If you want to play a song so that people kind of fit it into our band, I don’t think you should start with the 27 minute one. Calm. Don’t give us all the QAnons. Concentrate on “The Pot”, which will be the introduction to all the other possibilities that occur in this project. “

“The Pot” is one of Tool’s most popular songs, so it makes sense that it is Keenan’s favorite. The track reached No. 1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart in 2006 and also reached No. 5 for Alternative Airplay. “The Pot” also won a Grammy nomination for best hard rock performance in 2008.

In other news, Tool is planning shows for 2022. The band will be their last North American tour starting Jan. 10 in Eugene, Ore., And the trek is slated to run through March. After the concerts in the United States, the group will arrive in Europe from April. See Tool’s 2022 tour dates here.



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