Meghan and Harry revealed Archie’s favorite song


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have just revealed which is their two-year-old son’s favorite song. During a recent visit to a US military base in New Jersey, where nearly 46,000 Afghan refugees currently reside, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a rare update on little Archie Harrison (who is now the big brother of baby Lilibet Diana).

As part of their trip, the couple met a class of children who are learning to speak English. Eager to stay stuck, it is reported that Meghan was seen holding pens of different colors in front of the children as they shouted out the corresponding colors in response, showing how advanced their language skills were.

The infants also took the opportunity to practice their English by saying a few key phrases to the couple, including “Nice to meet you” while greeting them, and joining a childhood classic “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ … which the couple apparently revealed is a big hit with Archie. So much so that it’s actually his favorite song. Strong choice, Archster!

Considering Harry and Meghan go to great lengths to keep most things about their children private, this is some pretty rare information to come from the couple about their eldest child.

The Sussexes on a visit to South Africa (September 25, 2019)


A spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess said they ended their visit by thanking the teachers at the school for their “tireless efforts” and reminded them to take care of themselves, too.

As part of a series of recent public appearances – Meghan is currently campaigning for paid parental leave to be implemented in America and Harry has also spoken at a number of worthy philanthropic events, such as the Global Citizen Festival – the couple gave another rare glimpse of their little ones.

During her visit to One World Trade Center in September, Meghan shared the sweetest update on ‘beautiful’ baby Lilibet, who is now three months old. After a reporter asked, “Meghan, how’s Lilibet doing?” she replied in two words: “She is beautiful!” How cute?

The mother-of-two also gave an update on Archie, who is now two (where’s the time!), When asked and gave a smile and a big thumbs-up.

On the same occasion, Prince Harry was also seen with an iPad case engraved with a poignant message, reading “Archie’s Papa” [or possibly ‘Archie & Papa’ – either way, we’re here for the adorable nature of it all].

All together now – heads, shoulders, knees and toes! Knees and toes, etc.

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