Met Office weather forecast for Saturday, Sunday and Monday


The UK is poised for more winter showers and rain over the weekend as the volatile weather continues.

This week has seen temperatures drop across the UK, with snow falling in parts of the country, but the weekend is expected to bring more gloomy January weather.

Most of the country is expected to wake up to a shaky start on Saturday, with early clouds and heavy rain expected, according to the Met Office.

As the day progresses this humid weather will clear up eastwards, possibly clearing up eventually in the far east and south-east of England after dark. Sunny spells and showers will follow with some winter showers also expected on the hills.

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As for Sunday, it will be a better day for many, with dry and bright weather expected, although heavy downpours are likely in the northwest.

Discussing the outlook for the Met Office meteorologist on Saturday, Alex Deakin said: “As we approach the early hours of the morning, clouds and humid weather are setting in, which will increase temperatures and so by the dawn of these weather fronts, temperatures will return to generally above zero for the most part.

“As this wet weather hits the cold air, there will be snow, but really only at the top of the mountains of northern England and through the hills and mountains of northern Scotland.

“A little snow for a while on Saturday morning but, even here, usually turns to rain before it dies out.

“Further south the rain is going to be quite heavy – bands of heavy rain sweeping through central and eastern England on Saturday – gusty winds as well, particularly along the south coast.”

What is the forecast for Saturday?

Saturday is shaping up to be quite wet and miserable for most of the UK with clouds and heavy rain expected in the morning.

This band of rain is expected to clear up to the east as the day progresses and is expected to finally dissipate over the far east and south-east of England later in the evening.

Later in the day, parts of the country are expected to experience brighter times, although it will be wintry and windy in the hills.

The start of the day on Saturday promises to be rainy

Temperatures for the weekend

What is the forecast for Wales?

Most parts of the country are forecast for a cloudy, wet and windy day on Saturday.

Despite the gloomy outlook, Saturday is expected to be milder than the past few days with maximum temperatures of 10 ° C.

But in areas where heavy rain or snow on the hills is expected, the weather should be quite nasty.

Wales is forecast for wet weather on Saturday

it will be sweeter

The outlook for Sunday is somewhat better with dry and sunny spells forecast for most parts of the country and rains arriving later in the day.

As for Monday and Tuesday next week, it is expected to be largely mild and cloudy with some showers.

Sunday should be a brighter day for most

Sunday will be a little cooler in places

What is the forecast for England?

The east of England should brace for a cloudy start to the day with showers all morning.

During the afternoon the rain should become more persistent and often heavy.

It will be a little milder than the last few days with maximum temperatures expected around 8 ° C.

Despite the slight increase in temperature, it will also occasionally be windy.

Saturday will be gloomy for the most part

Higher temperatures are expected on Saturday

As for Sunday, it will be a mostly dry day with sunny spells.

Again the weather should be a bit windy although Monday should be cloudier, milder and mostly dry.

Tuesday should see light rain and patchy drizzle that will gradually subside later in the day.

It will be nice to see drier weather on Sunday

Sunday can be a bit windy

What’s the weather like in Scotland?

Glasgow will see clear nighttime rain early on Saturday morning, then a drier, brighter day will develop.

Showers will follow and will become stronger in the afternoon, especially over Argyll. Maximum temperatures are expected to reach 8 ° C.

It will be a similar picture to Edinburgh starting with a cloudy morning with rain gradually dissolving to the east.

Drier and brighter weather will follow with some afternoon sunshine and some showers also expected.

You will need an umbrella on Saturday

The expected temperatures of Saturday

On Sunday areas such as Glasgow will see a cloudy and rainy start to the day, but they will become drier and brighter in the afternoon.

A band of rain will pass through all areas on Monday with strong southwest winds also expected.

In Edinburgh on Sunday will see sunshine and some showers while a band of rain will also pass through all parts on Monday.

Sunny spells and a few showers are expected to follow on Tuesday.

Sunday promises to be brighter

Outlook for Sunday

What is the forecast for Monday and Tuesday?

After a mostly dry and bright Sunday, it looks like we are heading into a somewhat unstable week.

Outbreaks of rain are expected to spread eastward on Monday, with the extreme southeast expected to remain mostly dry.

On Tuesday, the weather is expected to clear up in the northwest with more showers expected far to the northwest.

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